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Football Manager is bullshit



No images in this one, it's just a rant from me.


So I won't be buying another Football Manager for a while (if ever) and it's due to me playing FM2020 and the utter bullshit in that game. I know FM has a metric fuckton of RNG associated it with it but the sheer bullshittery on display in these games, especially the latest one, is actually staggering. For example I was just in a match against Manchester City (as Arsenal) and my team was suddenly playing on the same level as Sunday League players rather than the fucking professionals they are. On top of that Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang, one of THE BEST strikers in the world, for some reason turns into an under 9s player in front of goal with even just one defender near him firing the ball at the goalkeeper and then there's the injuries that crop up when you're on a winning streak when they have NO FUCKING REASON TO FUCKING HAPPEN. The entire game is just geared to make things far more challenging than they are with no way for the player to control it (believe me I've tried, from switching tactics, personal and instructions) because the game decides that you should not be able to win ANY away match and even getting a draw is a 1 in 1000000000000000 possibility no matter how good your players are. I gurantee you if I was playing as Man City or Liverpool and was away to Arsenal the same fucking thing would still fucking happen. It's jsut not fun anymore when some RNG bulshit effectively takes any player involvement out of the game and exists solely to frustrate and annoy the player.


Also side note, during the typing of this rant I made so many fucking spelling mistakes (teh instead of the, hitting / when I wanted . etc.) that I was actually pissing myself off EVEN MORE.


Again sorry for the rant but I needed to get rid of it.


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