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Nuka World Gang Offshoots



While the gangs that eventually settled on terms of a truce, some members of each gang did not abide this, believing it to be a mistake, for various reasons. Some due to being greedy, others only seeing worth in the other gangs as a source of bloodletting, and the remaining wanting to stick to their own pack. Perhaps not entirely official, they refused the uneasy peace of Nuka World, choosing instead to find some place outside the park to bide time, and choose what to do. Ironically, the these three offshoot groups soon formed their own uneasy alliance, though each still held to some level of aggression, and the only thing the three leaders could agree on, is not to kill each other. The nameless members of their group? Fair game. 


It seems they have chosen places in Bradburton, and they have seemingly avoided some of the towns feral ghoul population, though occasionally, one does cause trouble for the gangs - but not for long.


Black Disciples

"I either get what I want, or...well, I still get what I want, and I get to see a torrent of blood."


Dahlia - Rumored to have almost all kinds of abuse in her past, including being raped at a very young age, her mind is warped, and rarely sees things as most commonly do. But she is no wilted flower - she is a woman with piercing cold eyes, her stare almost never filled with warmth, even for those she supposedly cares about. In addition, she uses more weapons then just knives or other sharp implements - she occasionally uses sex as a weapon as well, though it may not end well for her partners. However, though the cause is unknown, perhaps being a symptom of her abuse, she is completely sterile, and will never have kids. Regardless of this, she has occasionally used this against some who she counted as enemies - those who would not want to bear a child by her, yet obliged her advances, all too easily letting their guard down around this sadistic psychopath.


Orchid - Rumored to have grew up in a Vault, and thus her knowledge of medicine and proper hygiene has her avoid much of the wasteland's dirt and grime.  However, it is a constant push for her to make members of Dahlia's Disciples actually take, in part, at least, to her habits of cleaning - either themselves, or the places they occupy. 


"Oh, I see. Refuse treatment because you don't know? Well, then it may not be bullets that you choke on."


"My attempts would be at saving your life, not ending it. The last thing my profession needs is politics - how dense are you?"


Dark Operators

"Blood and caps. One means you get a bigger share, and the other, well, means you get paid. Perhaps we could work something else out, though. But I don't think I have to say, that I won't be cheated."


Ryuko - A half Asian woman, whose origins are unknown. Rumors abound, but there are few in the wasteland who can put the facts together and come up with the truth. Much less, that there is likely more to it that, perhaps even she does not know. 


"Some people easily believe anger to be always unjustified. Easy to say, when they don't have concern for the reasons."


Merro - Supposedly living before the war, this ghoul has taken to tending the local bar.  It seems that because of him, some of the feral ghouls around the bar have become fairly docile, not really responding to his attempts to keep them out. Occasionally they wander in and mill about, but don't really bother anyone. 


"Am I angry? At who, exactly?"


"I've heard stories before. It goes with the territory. Yours could be new, or not."


Shadow Pack

"They have an aversion, they still act like monkeys. Still think like them. They have embraced, nothing."


Tala - Although seemingly less violent than most of the pack, she is probably the most unique among them. Her origins are unknown, save for the fact that is she is of Native American descent, but no one is sure of how her family survived, or if she had a family at all. More definite is the fact that she seems to maintain a deeper connection with nature, even with the changes brought upon it by the nuclear war. In this, she stands out for three reasons - the first being that she has a canine companion with her, a large wolf, that follows her obediently, acting just as calm and serene as she usually is. The second, is that her eyes match that of her canine companion - a glowing yellow, that has hints of green. Lastly, it seems as if she has an unusually high, natural resistance to radiation, with some suggesting that this trait is shared by her canine companion. 


"I can see it - we have both, been changed by nature. Only I do not know the source of my change, where I suspect you do, or you will."


"I have walked what your people call, the Glowing Sea. But I do not cast blame for it's creation. What created it is something natural, but only used in an unnatural way."


Sol - From her appearance, she is obviously a Synth. She seems to have been one of an unlucky few that were reprogrammed by the Railroad, but the wipe was unsuccessful. But in over a year, she was left inert, and eventually, disposed of. Most are unsure if it is true, but the story most have heard, seems to suggest that she eventually wandered until she stumbled into Tala's camp, when she collapsed. The story she seems to tell when asked, is that her memories speak of before the war, but she is numb to those memories, as they feel more like a dream to her.


"I remember something. Something that perhaps I should not. I woke up before I was supposed to, and the fading memories told me that I am not real. But others, tell me I was."


"Light, Ash, and rain. That is what I remember. I also remember I died. For a long time, it was silence. Drifting. Then, I feel. Cold. Unsure."


"Do I really know if those memories were mine? No. But I hold on to them, for perhaps it makes me real, now."


"I don't feel warmth around me. I only feel that...from elsewhere."


"I recognize you. Not you, specifically. But something about you..."


Edited by Kuroyami


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