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About this blog



Here I will upload the background story from my Characters. My chapters are a bunch of adult screenshots of the characters I make. Every character has a different story so I can make stories about a lot of themes. You may notice that the chapters, although they appear they're finished, the end is not determinant. I like to leave the rest to the imagination of the reader.


Mostly all of the stories have a main female character and she usually is pretty but naive and innocent, so people can take advantage of her. Maybe in the future I'll change the roles, but not right now.

At the moment I'm planning to change some of the stories I've made so far, so that's why they're not uploaded here. If a story is uploaded that means that I've considered the plot has enough content to be enjoyed.




To stay up to date about the followers that will be released shortly, you can follow my secondary blog: https://www.loverslab.com/blogs/blog/1581-anukeths-blog/


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Q: Why did you decide to start this blog?

A: At first I took the screenshots for myself. I enjoyed the story without text. But one day I realized that I could share them with you, so you could read the background stories of my characters. And also, in case I lose my screenshots, this blog serves me as back-up ☺️.


Q: Do you follow a pattern to make your chapters?

A: No, usually I took screenshots of some character I like inside some place I like and then make a story of it. I make sure to make more screenshots than the ones I need in the case that I change the story at some point (plot-twists, alternate endings, etc.).


Q: Your chapters are way too short (text).

A: Since English is not my mother tongue, most of my chapters have more screenshots than text. Besides, I usually let the images speak for themselves.


Q: Your chapters are way too short (images).

A: This blog only contains BASIC screenshots. Usually my chapters have more than 20 screenshots, but I don't want to collapse LL with them. The idea was to put all the screenshots inside a compressed file and upload it to Mediafire or Drive, but instead I uploaded them to my public Patreon, so you all can enjoy all the screenshots without limit.

Entries in this blog

✩︎ Summer Photo Session II (Lite) ✩︎

Another summer photo session! Hope you enjoy it. Not much to say about this one. I've only used one character and took a few shots (as the tittle says, it's a lite version).   For the background and poses I use Aether Suite, Aibellia Island and Halo Poser mods. The model wears a blue bikini from Daz Bikini Collection 2.   Please go and support the original authors of these great mods, they totally deserve it!    


Anuketh in Photo Sessions

✩︎ Summer Photo Session ✩︎

At the moment I'm having a break from chapters, but in the meantime I'm trying to improve my shoot skills (which I know they are poor lol). I expect no feedback, I'm just uploading the photo session to let users enjoy the view.   The sessions I've uploaded so far are fully released and you can download them. Every session contains from 30 to 50 screenshots for your enjoyment. Consider yourself warned about the adult and not lore-friendly content shown below.   For the backgro


Anuketh in Photo Sessions

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