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About this blog

In this blog you find videos and pictures of male sims of many different types and and in different situations - but always having much fun with other male sims 😝 Let your sims watch hot videos produced by Kyle Woohoo on CinErotique TV!

Entries in this blog

Training session with coach Michael

Tim und Jamal are two very sexy young guys who want to join the local soccer team. The coach of this team, Michael, is well known for leading the team to it's biggest success in the team's history but also for cultivating a special team spirit. Coach Michael has high demands regarding the skills of the members in his soccer team. Maybe some of the skills he expects from the teammates are a little but unusual but these two hunks really want to fulfill Michael's requirements.   In this v

Winter vacation

When two old friends meet in a winter cabin without their families they have much time for skateboarding, reading a good book, talking about the old times... or they use the time to fuck around the whole house 😈   Let your sims see them on CinErotique TV 😉 an extended video with one or two more scenes will be published later - it's WIP.                

My housewarming party gone wild

I just moved to my new home and therefore I hosted a housewarming party for some good friends of mine... well, they are good friends - but they are also very horny guys. This party was a kind of casting to find actors for my next projects. And I think they all proved suitable for my kind of project. But see yourself...   Housewarming Party.mp4    

The Walkers - Episode 3: watching a soccer / football cup game

It's Euros Football Cup (soccer) time and dads and sons watch football games, drink beer and have a good time together. In this porn machinima Daniel and his older brother Justin wear football jerseys not just to celebrate football... they like the feeling of sportswear on their skins and dad really likes to see his boys in these outfits. See how they play together wearing socks and giving each others hot  footjobs, blowjobs and finally fuck around.   Walkers Episode 3 - football c

Kyle Woohoo

Kyle Woohoo in The Walkers

Fuck tha gang #1

See 4 horny thugs fuckin' 'round in tha gang's headquarta.    A little gay porn machinima created with Sims 4, wicked whims, basemental drugs and basemental gangs. My first attempt to add sound - I am always thankful for any feedback to become better!   Yeah, fuck the gang.mp4      

Kyle Woohoo

Kyle Woohoo in Sims4 gay video

The Walkers - Dad's memories

This is my first Sims4 machinima - I hope you enjoy it. Dad notices his son's hardon while they are in the bathroom. So he tells him about his first experiences with his own dad years ago.   No sound, just some subtitles and your imagination ?   Yiou wanna know what happens nexr? See episode 2.   walkers_episode_1_large.mp4      

Kyle Woohoo

Kyle Woohoo in The Walkers

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