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About this blog


This is Sims 4 Machinima, story-driven, gay erotic tales.  My stories are equally romantic and raunchy.  They feature adult content, animated nudity with predominately gay characters and gay sex.   For audiences 18+ years old only!  

Newer videos have subtitles.  If you don’t like story and character-driven erotica, these videos may not be for you.  Select "View a Category" to sort by series.  Older projects will eventually retire from public streaming and only be available on Patreon.  For updates and upcoming projects, follow me on Twitter. 


A big thanks to Wicked Whims and the Sims community of talented modders and animators for their amazing work!  Do not upload, distribute, or claims credit for these videos. For private entertainment purposes only.  ENJOY!




For updates and upcoming projects, follow me on Twitter.
Become a Patreon to download HD files w/o watermarks.


Entries in this blog

"Gavin & Pablo" Trailer

"Gavin & Pablo" Trailer   “The Boys of Bayou Bay” Bayou Bay is my remodel of Willow Creek, a fictitious coastal Louisiana town with a Big Easy feel and a growing gay community.   “Gavin & Pablo” were some of the first characters I created to experiment with  Sims Machinima.  They don’t have much of a storyline. They are a happy gay couple, a little geeky, a little domestic, who love having sex. Happy Sims tend to have dull stories, however Gavin an

Pixboy Tales

Pixboy Tales in Gavin & Pablo

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