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About this blog

Almost two years ago a naive young spy set out with the best of intentions but the most limited of skills to make a little story. He did his best but along the way a lot of decisions were outside of his control- he didn't know how to make NPCs or use two of his own characters at the same time so he used many a boring Skyrim vanilla NPC. For several unfortunate episodes he didn't even know how to reposition characters and he spent several long nights violently charging into bandits in the hopes they might skate to where he wanted!


His ideas evolved along with the blog, some good and some the other thing... Along the way the haphazard nature of the stories inception caught up with young Spy and things became disjointed and overwrought. An epic tale of world shaking power struggled for every page with a simple adventure story and the results were often confusing, often unsatisfying for the poor spy as what he wanted the story to be changed but what he had set up for himself did not. He often felt backed into a corner, forced to continue with a plotline he had established months before and had since lost interest in and the quality of the blog often suffered because of it.


But along the way something wonderful happened despite all this, our spy managed to carve out something he was quite proud of- a bubbly little blonde paladin named Cassidey. As the months passed and the chapters came her personality and her place in the world evolved until eventually she was whole. Sadly, the character she had evolved into did not always match the character she had begun life as.


The spy thought on this often. What if there was a way to start again? To begin the whole story anew but with two years more experience, more technical skill, more knowledge, a better planned plot and with a fully formed and fully realized main character? If only he could start again... And then one day the spy said "Fuck it, let's do this!" Welcome to the reboot.

Entries in this blog

Cassidey: The Gritty Reboot (Part 5)

We did it! The first arc of the reboot is complete! I'd like to thank the academy, don't forget to like comment and subscribe and hit the bell to receive notifications, thanks for the fifty gifted community subs. Wait... wrong platforms. You get the idea.           Well that's it! The intro to the new Cass universe (and a bit of setup for the next adventure)! Things should pick up a bit for here since this arc was really about establishing the n

Cassidey: The Gritty Reboot (Part 4)

Finally starting to inch closer to my current game setup with these. This chapter was the start of hi poly heads for all my original characters and some other tweaks like Bran's correct body preset and more piercings for Cass. The cover shot (⬇️) is brand new so that's a little preview of how the newer chapters will be (slightly updated body for Cass and better ENB). Hard to believe I made this chapter back in April, I've really been sitting on these a while! One more part to go after this and t

Cassidey: The Gritty Reboot (Part 3)

Hey everybody, long time no see. This one picks up right after the first two so if you forget what happened there it might be a good idea to catch up real quick:   Part 1 Part 2   As usual this entry was made a while ago so the body presets and some of the clothes aren't up to the new standard but we're getting there! Also this one is a bit of a thicc boi so hopefully it loads okay for everybody. Now without further ado:        

Cassidey: The Gritty Reboot (Part 1)

Yay, we're finally here! This is something I have been working on for a while and wanting to do fore even longer. Starting over. This is a retelling of sorts, a new beginning. This particular chapter starts out as bit of an "HD remaster" of my original prologue from 10,000 years ago and from there starts to branch out in its own direction. Moving forward things will get even more different so leave any preconceived notions or expectations about what happened or will happen to Cass at the door- n
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