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Honor....Life....Challenging yourself to go far, be better, be good, improve moral standards and respect everything around you...

Life ain't perfect as it is, we can just try to make it better with every step and act that we bring into it, We follow our so called destiny 

that in fact is a path on a long road that will take us during our life to the place we chosen before when we made the decision

of going right or left, in that Cross Roads... 


try to be better its not always easy, but to start if we help the fellow person next to us and do it to everyone we can along this path

in this road we've chosen, in the end it is worth it every second of our time here on this planet...


Gona leave you this Video so that you know how it feels!




I remember a quote from a very cool couple of movies... 


" What we do in life echoes in eternity !"


"With great power comes great responsibility!"



I love graphic novels ,

Telling fantastic stories that I like to others...

I love good Erotic  Novels and even Porn Novels when they are 

enovative and good ...

And do love a Good Video...

Found this recently... that I like a lot .. Its damn hot and sexy...

Will leave it for you to enjoy it ..

Original here



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