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SUPPORT TOPIC File Information

  • Latest Version: 1.08b
  • Submitted: Dec 26 2013 03:05 AM
  • Last Updated: Jun 16 2014 07:36 AM
  • File Size: 4.35MB
  • Views: 358549
  • Downloads: 135,335
  • Requires: SexLab 1.50 or newer; SKSE 1.7.0 Alpha; Enabled creature Animations; SKSE; SkyUI 3.0 or newer; Fuz Ro Do'h; ZaZ-Animation-Pack

Download RadiantProstitution Tweaked 1.08b

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SexLab Prostitution Radiant Quest

First and for most:

I did not created the awesome Mod that is "Radiant Prostitution" that was all some guy name "mainfct".
So all the Credit and Praise goes to him.
If you really appreciate his work click here and tell him how awesome he is.
As he is currently inactive i just took up the sword and raped his code so that it work with SexLab 1.30+.

I now maintain the Mod under the Name "Radiant Prostitution Tweaked". The mod is standalone so no need to install Radiant Prostitution first.

It work from where Radiant Prostitution left of. I added more Random Quest and tweaked the normal Prostitution inside the inn.

The mod has, to my knowledge, only two possible conflict points.
  • Hroki, the girl in Falkreth was tag as a child in vanilla minecraft but RP changes her to a adult because she clearly is not child
  • The tavern Wench Outfit got another Keyword "JobWhore" to trigger Prostitution of your fellow wrenches. It therefore conflicts with SOS Full Version but "dachande" provided a patch for that. As for Mesh or Texture replacers they are no problem as they only change the look but not the item. If you want other items to trigger the prostitution you just simply need to add the Keyword per TES5Edit to the item.

The Tweaked Version is completely Standalone so no other version of Radiant Prostitution is needed.
Please us the version without the loose suffix first and if you have problems with the normal version try the loose one and see if the problems still persist.

Version 1.07d is the last version compatible with SexLab 1.39
As of Version 1.07e Radiant Prostitution is compatible with SexLab 1.5+

-SexLab 1.50 or newer and its deps.
-Enabled creature Animations or some quest wont work
-SKSE 1.7.0 Alpha (its alpha but as far as i could see stable)
-SkyUI 4.0 or newer for MCM
-Fuz Ro Do'h for correct behavior with silent dialogues
- ZaZ-Animation-Pack
or see http://www.loverslab...-081b-oct-29th/

Sex Lab nude Creatures
Zynisch Animations

Translated Versions:
If you already use a older Version of Radiant Prostitution check mainfct's page for update information to 0.81b. as my version is essentially 0.81b with fucked up code.
If only updating tweaked Version then make sure that no quest (Inn, Home Delivery, Camp Job or Random Quest) is currently running.

Update from pre-1.02a:
  • Unzip into skyrim folder or use MO, nexus mod manager, etc.
  • Use "MF_RadiantProstitution remove loose files.bat" inside the skyrim folder.
  • This will make a backup of your scripts folder and removes all files starting with "mf_", "qf_mf" or "sf_mf_".
If shit goes wrong and mod stop working you know where to find the missing files. Please enable logging and trace in the skyrim.ini check the papyros.log which scripts are missing before you pull the copy from the backup folder.

Update from pre-1.03 requires new game or a save game where you did not yet register with a inn keeper.

How to Change the starting Clothes:

Now new and Improved so read this if you did add your own cloths.
Go to "Skyrim\Data" and open the file "MF_RP_Config.json" with a text editor of your choice.
Inside you will find something like this:
    "startCloths": {
        "rest" : [
        "chestPiece": "__formData|Skyrim.esm|0xD191F"
This is the config for the starting Clothes you get from the first inn keeper. they Point to the Vanilla Tavern Wench clothes and some leather boots. The "chestPiece" property needs to contain the armor or chest piece so it gets recognized by the Working Cloths function. The "rest" property contains the remainder of the items you get. the items need to be separeted with a comma and would look like this:
    "startCloths": {
        "rest" : [
        "chestPiece": "__formData|Skyrim.esm|0xD191F"
So what do you need to do now?

That's is quit easy:

Just chage the value after the colon like this "__formData|<PluginFileName.extension>|0x<ID>".
<PluginFileName.extension> is the name of the plugin file that adds the item.
<ID> is the Form ID which you can find per the help console command or through TES5Edit or the Creation Kit.

Want to add your own Random Quest to RP?

Look here.
Current Bugs i don't know how to fix:

Version History:

What's New in Version 1.08b (See full changelog)

  • StableQuest: Fix Listening for Wrong Event
  • FoodQuest: Fix infinite Loop on Retry Order
  • General: Force Update to MCM Page names


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