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SUPPORT TOPIC File Information

  • Latest Version: 7.0
  • Submitted: May 09 2013 07:26 AM
  • Last Updated: May 27 2017 11:32 PM
  • File Size: 179.28MB
  • Views: 2627555
  • Downloads: 1,862,706
  • Requires: FNIS 6.3+, SexLab 1.50+
  • Special Edition Compatible : No

Download Zaz Animation Pack V7.0 [2017-05-16] 7.0

* * * * * 181 Votes


ZaZ Animation Pack

ZaZ And XaZ





Foreword by (ZaZ)

We have come a long way. The ZaZ Animation Pack is a Master Mod to so many Independent Mods here on LoversLab , I honestly never realized it would get to such a level. This all thanks to my Partner in Crime XaZ, without his effort and his scripts this mod would be just a Master Mod where other Mods draw Animations from.

"Why we do what we do ?" Short and Simple Answer is because we enjoy doing it. We are not Professional 3d Graphics Designers, Animators or Coders this is more of a Hobby for us.











This mod may contain Full Nudity, BDSM, Fetish, Sexual Stuff and therefore Adult Content! Don't download and use this mod if you don't like this sort of theme and/or not allowed to......IF THAT'S NOT YOUR TASTE, SKIP IT!!!






Fores New Idles in Skyrim - FNIS by Fore ( Always the Latest Version )
Skyrim SexLab - Sex Animation Framework by Ashal



Highly Recommended - One of these
XP32 Maximum Skeleton Extended 2.06+ by Groovtama (Use this if you are using HDT and NOT using the Milk Machine)
XP32 Maximum Skeleton Extended 1.93 Legacy Edition by Groovtama (Use this if you are NOT using HDT and ARE using the Milk Machine)
XP32 Maximum Skeleton -XPMS by xp32





1. Drop the data pack into your steam Skyrim folder. You can use Any Mod Manager of your Choice
2. Activate the ESM file in NMM or similar.
3. Run the FNIS GENERATION TOOL "GenerateFNISforUsers.exe". For more info, look here http://skyrim.nexusm...com/mods/11811.
(There isn't a version without FNIS. If you're going to Mod your Game you need to be a little proactive and poke around for Answers)
4. Enable the ZazAnimationPack.esm file.
5. You Can use SkyUI(optional) to tweak/Change the settings to you're liking of the ZaZ Animation Pack
6. Enjoy the mod (optional)



Note for Mod Makers

Please, Don't Pack ZaZ Texture Folders into Your Mods Unless your Using a BSA .This Is Because I'm Constantly Updating the Textures to Better Ones.



Giving Credit

Honestly, We don't expect much from anyone who wants to use these Assets in his/her Mods. All We want is to know where they are being used and mostly likely a link. So We can take a look too. So Please let Us know if you're using stuff from here.

Thank you




XaZ - Scripting and Animations . Bulk Creation Kit Work Over All In-charge of the ZaZ Animation Pack
ZaZ - Animations and 3d Meshes.
Fore - For Creating A Way Get Custom Animations into Skyrim, without his Excellent Mod FNIS This Wouldn't Be possible at all.
Figment - hklxcmd ( Havok Commandline Tools )
Skyfox - NifTools Utilities (Nif Convert /Chunk Merge)
Zadil - Devious Asset Gag
Zt11rauss - German translation (nexus link: http://www.nexusmods...sers/4616070/?)
LeitoAnimation base for modified SexLab animations
ZynAnimation base for modified SexLab animations
ArrokAnimation base for modified SexLab animations


Texture Resources:
Mr.Dave Texture Resources - SkyrimNexus
Scabeater's Free Textures - Deviant Art
Mateusnroll Rope Pattern - Deviant Art
LordZulten Wood Texture - LoversLab
TSS5062's Fluid Textures - LoversLab (He has Created a lot of new Droplets Textures and Animated Puddles)
CG Textures Some Textures - http://www.cgtextures.com/


Notable Mentions:
GSBModders - As Always, His Meshes/Textures give the Start of My Mods.
Jbezorg - Made Spells , Just For Me On Request to Test 2 Person Animations - Cheers And Kudos
Labrat - Translated the Blender Animation Text For Skyrim (I never Mentioned His Name Before , But its because of that text I Started with Skyrim)
Kalarr - For Helping Me Find Out the animation Numbering and Creating an Animation Pictorial Set , I will Add More and Update his Set. ( Older Credit )
Bethesda - Yea Thank you For Such Awesome Games and Giving us a Creation Kit.


The Usual Suspects Mayatola, Equidical and Many More
The 4 People who Contributed to help me build a Decent Desktop since my Laptop gave up on me and died and was able to complete V6.00(I have something special planned ;))



I have a paypal account , Donations are welcome but not mandatory.


I could use it to upgrade some PC parts here and there from time to time



Quick preview







Full Change logs


What's New in Version 7.0 (See full changelog)

  • 7.00
  • --------------------------------------------------------------
  • -ZAP Updated to FNIS 6.3
  • -Bug Fixes
  • -Added Keywords
  • 6.11
  • -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  • * Bugfixes:
  • - Fixed armbinder (updated slots) compatibility with DDa 2.9.0+
  • - Fixed harness (updated slots) compatibility with DDa 2.9.0+
  • - Aggressive Doggy animation fixed.
  • - Work around for changes to FNIS for Modders generator. Many mods that had broken scenes should now work again.
  • - Fixed navigation mesh in zbfTestZone.
  • 6.1
  • -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  • * Huge updates to meshes and textures.
  • - Reduced binary size and increased texture resolutions.
  • - Almost all meshes now support normal maps.
  • - Almost all meshes now support environment maps.
  • * Most textures have been unstretched across meshes allowing texture resolution to decrease and pixel density to increase at the same time.
  • - Visually higher resolution, but smaller footprint.
  • - All textures are now tileable without repeating patterns.
  • * Consolidation of resources.
  • - Fewer textures work harder. There is only one leather normal map, for instance.
  • - Most metals share a black diffuse map of 8x8 pixels.
  • - Many meshes are shared where possible.
  • * Bug fixes (lots)
  • * Reduced coupling between source files.
  • * Slavery submodule (zbfSlaveActions) to support actions on the player.
  • - Whipping
  • - Leashing (forced move)
  • - Cage/cell transfer
  • - SexLab connection
  • - Event based for easy integration
  • * Slot system updates
  • - Randomized animation lists for certain poses.
  • - Improved furniture support (eg. allow talking in furniture without being able to break out).
  • - Activation intercept support
  • * SexLab integration
  • - Streamlined api for easier integration.
  • * Improved slavery factions.
  • - Documentation of how they work. Improved support for a master/owner.
  • * Documentation updates and fixes.
  • * Support for items from other packages
  • - ZaZ HDT shackles
  • - DD items (you need DDa to see them in game)
  • - Muzzle gag support for khajiit and argonians
  • - Other small improvements
  • * Improved beast race support
  • - All beast races have fall back gags now.
  • - Repositioned gags to work with beast races.
  • 6.07 (beta 3)
  • -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  • * Bug fixes
  • - Hopefully fixed bug causing animation replacer to replace animations it shouldn't.
  • - Legacy player controls fixed (eg. inventory access can now be disabled).
  • * Slot system
  • - Gags open the mouth by default.
  • - Blindfolds apply a blindness effect.
  • - Player controls are correctly handled, so control disabling is supported for the legacy system.
  • * Added new animations and poses (not SexLab) from Tepi
  • - Added at the end of the FNIS file.
  • * SexLab entry changes
  • - Boobjob is no longer Foreplay only.
  • - Leito Kissing is now an oral entry.
  • * Animation replacer system
  • - Foreplay vs Sex will no longer prioritize matches, but rather punish mismatches.
  • - Doggy tag is considered equivalent to Doggystyle.
  • 6.06 (beta 2)
  • -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  • * Bug fixes
  • * Overlay support (requires SlaveTats)
  • - Adds support for drool, tears, scars and so on.
  • - Configurable through the slotting system in MCM
  • - Api available through zbfSlot.psc
  • - Integrates with SlaveTats (support for RaceMenu coming)
  • * Support for external modules finalized
  • - Non-SexLab animation pack
  • - SlaveTats
  • - RaceMenu
  • - Look at zbfExternalInterface for more info.
  • 6.05 (beta 1)
  • -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  • * Bug fixes.
  • - Lots and lots of fixes.
  • * Slot system.
  • - MCM support.
  • - Full api for modders to utilize. See zbfSlot.html for more information.
  • - Fully controls bindings on the actor, disabling abilities, and controlling animations in detail on that actor.
  • - Expressions. Mouth open and expression are now separated.
  • - All effects available through the enchantment system also available through the slots system.
  • * Improvements to SexLab api.
  • - See zbfSexLab.html for more information.
  • - Highlights are new functions that closely mimic the SexLab api.
  • * SexLab integration improvements
  • - Support for soloing actors. Superfluous actors can now be automatically placed in solo animation slots. No changes needed at the api level (although the option is there to enable/disable).
  • - Improved overrides. Expression override for gag expressions. Support for automatic animation override.
  • - Improved support for new keywords.
  • - SexLab keyword improvements, more consistent selection of keywords and full documentation.
  • * Documentation
  • - All relevant files are now fully documented at the api level.
  • * Slave leash
  • - Leash player from point A to point B, similar to many other mods. Fully configurable. See zbfSlaveLeash.html for more api info.
  • - MCM menu for configuration.
  • * Enchantment bindings system
  • - Added control events for refreshing and logging status
  • - Can be sent from mods to refresh all actors.
  • - Improved stability, and removed some bugs.
  • * Keywords
  • - New modders keywords for completeness (zbfWornBra, for instance).
  • - Furniture keywords
  • -- zbfFurnitureTypeWicked: applied to furniture that's embarassing or slightly painful
  • -- zbfFurnitureTypePainful: very painful or unpleasant, but not deadly
  • -- zbfFurnitureTypeDeadly: deadly, like the roasting pit
  • * Actor selection system
  • - Actors can be selected through the console menu or by pointing the crosshair at them. Pressing "N" (same as SexLab on purpose) selects the actor.
  • - Selected actors can be placed in SexLab animation through MCM.
  • - Selected actors can be placed in the slotting system.
  • * Meshes
  • - Cleaned up meshes. All ArmorAddons are now split into hands and feet as appropriate. Worn items are left intakt, but combine these two.
  • - Meshes are also cleaned up; one mesh for hands and one for feet.
  • * Textures
  • - Cleaned up texture use across all meshes.
  • * Utility
  • - Lots of utility functions. See zbfUtil.html for more documentation.
  • 6.04
  • -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  • * Bug fixes. Animations can now play again through MCM.
  • * Fixed sound configuration on some "broken" SexLab animations.
  • * Eliminated a case where effects running on actors did not consider if the actors were loaded and ready to animate. (Should remove warnings in the log.)
  • 6.03
  • -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  • * New kissing animation (Kissing01), for yokes, armbinder and regular wrist bindings
  • * New blowjob animation (Blowjob01), for yokes, arminder and regular wrist bindings
  • * New missionary animation (Missionary03), available for wrist and yoke bindings
  • * New foreplay animation (Foreplay01), available for wrist and yoke bindings (yoke on the "male" position)
  • * Lesbian01 now has yoke support for both actors.
  • * Fixed some bugs in the animation center (mostly related to playing the wrong animation).
  • * Cleaned up animation tags. The same tags apply to the Base Entries used to build the animations with some exception (marked in the text below).
  • - Aggressive / Loving: Aggressive animations are animations that are non-consensual. Loving scenes are consensual scenes, like kissing, foreplay and so on.
  • - Author tags: For the cases where the animation is not originally made by me, the author is tagged.
  • - Vaginal, Oral, Breast, Anal: If at least one actors needs this area "free", the animation is tagged with this label.
  • - Pillory: Furniture is used to restrain in some way.
  • - Foreplay / Sex: Animation is either foreplay or sex. Animations marked with neither tag can be used for both.
  • - Boobjob / Blowjob / Missionary / Doggystyle / Spank: Animation contents. Currently there are no Cowgirl animations.
  • - Lying: Animation is mostly or completely lying down (being horisontal, not untruthful).
  • Tags below are never found on base entries:
  • - ZaZ: All animations are tagged with ZaZ.
  • - NoSwap: All animations are tagged with NoSwap to let other mods know that the animation is final and should not be swapped for another. (DDi and ZaZ both check for this)
  • * Loads of documentation on the zbfSexLab file, what it does, why, and why I use 2000 lines of code to "just register some SexLab stuffs". :)
  • 6.02
  • -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  • * Slavery control submodule added
  • - Api for setting slave/master: zbfSlaveControl.psc
  • - Added AssociationType zbfMasterSlave for static Master-Slave associations (between unique actors).
  • - Basic master-slave dialogue system to be fleshed out later.
  • - System is working but not complete. Consider this a beta.
  • * Removed "conditional" from main quest (zbf)
  • * Added new keyword: zbfWornDevice on all items.
  • * Support for mixing mouth open with other expressions.
  • * Added support for bound "bleedout" animation (yoke, armbinder, etc)
  • * Added two types of random slaves spawnable from console. Look for "zbfSlaveFemale" and "zbfSlaveMale".
  • - Modders can easily create new slaves by simply setting either of these as the actor template and override the necessary fields.
  • - Slaves come equipped with random bindings but otherwise naked.
  • - Slaves have no dialogue, but do work with the dialogue test included in this release (if enabled).
  • - Fun: Type in console "player.placeatme xx0000a6e0 100", where "xx" is the ZazAnimationPack.esm load index in hex. ("help zbfSlaveFemale" to find the exact id if you're unsure.)
  • * Gag talk
  • - Shared dialogue topics (voiced) to be used by other mods.
  • - Example dialogue "zbfDialogueTest". Can be enabled/disabled from MCM. Make sure quests zbfDialogue and zbfDialogueTest are running.
  • - Sound files for playing from scripts.
  • * Deprecated three functions:
  • - zbf::GetBlockedSexLabTags (replaced by zbfSexLab::GetBlockedTags)
  • - zbf::GetRequiredSexLabTags (replaced by zbfSexLab::GetRequiredTags)
  • - zbf::GetSexLabBoundTag (replaced by zbfSexLab::GetBoundTag)
  • 6.01
  • -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  • * French translation
  • * Script bugfixes
  • * Fixed resource bugs (mesh texture references, sounds, etc)
  • * Added missing animation files ZapXXXStruggle08, 09, 10, 13, 14, 15 (replace XXX with Armb, Yoke, Wri, etc)
  • * Changed magic effect to not heal actors.
  • 6.00
  • -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  • * New furniture:
  • - Futa tub monster
  • - Milking machines (two variants)
  • - Spanking chair
  • - Crosses (seven kinds)
  • - (new) Pillory
  • - Spit roast
  • - (new) Vertical Stocks
  • - Wheel (two kinds)
  • - Wooden Pony (two kinds)
  • - (new) X-Cross (two kinds)
  • - Wall restraints, Pole restraints
  • * New SexLab animations:
  • - Missionary02, enabled for Yoke
  • - Spanking chair, not bound
  • * Furniture SexLab animations:
  • - Futa tub monster
  • - Milking machine
  • * New items:
  • - New gags (Panel gags 2-4, Log Bit 2, Devious conversions)
  • - New blindfolds (Mask 2-4)
  • - New bindings (Rope cuffs 02)
  • * New animation sets:
  • - All furniture have animation sets
  • - Fluidity 2.0
  • - Shamed
  • - Horny / Aroused
  • - X-Cross new struggle animations
  • - Pillory single animations
  • - Crux animations
  • * Misc:
  • - Loads of fixes to meshes and textures.
  • - Some animation names have been fixed.
  • - Debug option to enable logging.
  • - Lots of bug fixes, script functions and additions.
  • 5.62
  • -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  • * Fixed MCM menu not showing up for some users
  • * Added help text in the Animation Test System
  • * Added zbfAnimHandsWrists on all missing items
  • 5.61
  • -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  • * Added missing textures
  • 5.60
  • -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  • * Requires SKSE 1.7.1
  • * Rebuild your SexLab repository
  • * Male gag sounds, thanks to Volfin (from GagSFX 1.04)
  • * Fixed mounted combat animation bugs
  • * Option to reduce npc update timer to reduce cpu usage when lots of actors are running Zaz. (Default now 5s down from 0.5s)
  • * Fixed SexLab registration bug.
  • * Added SexLab animation selection system.
  • - All animations are now grouped by tags on each actor and the animtion as a whole.
  • - Animations can be dynamically set up to prevent filling SexLab with every combination of bindings available.
  • - Tag selection allow for mods to exclude animations. Oral sex when gagged, for instance.
  • * Yokes support - animations, offsets, items and so on.
  • * Armbinder
  • * Gag sounds are back and playing automatically when gags are equipped (can be disabled in MCM)
  • * Animation test module in MCM
  • - Allows playing SexLab and regular animations from an easy to use menu.
  • - Filters SexLab animations based on available animations.
  • * Lots and lots of api documentation.
  • 5.55
  • -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  • * Added a few missing animation files
  • * Updated config with missing animation.
  • 5.54
  • -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  • * Modders: Added a system for automatic animation selection based on actor bindings.
  • Support for SexLab tag selection.
  • Dynamic SexLab scene construction with multiple binding configurations.
  • Animation selection helpers for playing horny, struggle and pose animations with all supported offset idle configurations.
  • * Modders: Renamed animations
  • Renamed animations in a more consistent manner: Zap + Armb/Wri + Animation Type + Animation Index + Optionally SexLab indexing
  • Examples: ZapArmbStruggle02, ZapWriHorny01, ZapArmbSkullFuck01_A1_S2
  • * Modders: Player control center plugin to centralize how player controls are enabled and disabled.
  • See zbfPlayerControl.psc for more information.
  • * Modders: Added documentation for most functions. Better documentation coming as well as examples how to use the mod.
  • * Additional SexLab scenes added - all SexLab scenes now support armbinder and bound wrist configurations.
  • * Further idles are blocked by zbfEffectKeepOffsetAnim to make ZAP compatible with DD.
  • * Removed automatic gag sounds from all gags.
  • * Added keywords zbfWornBlindfold (any item that could blind the actor), zbfWornBelt (covering genitals)
  • * Better gag sounds (still no male gag sounds).
  • * Bug fix on resources (better textures, updated animation/poses).
  • 5.53:
  • -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  • * Fixes to some animation files. (Bound skull fuck, Pillory sex animations).
  • * Verified with SL 1.57
  • * Gag and whip sounds now attenuate with distance.
  • * Added a new keyword: zbfEffectKeepOffsetAnim now intercepts jump, fall and activate animation events.
  • * New script: zbfPlayerControl intercepts DisablePlayerControls and EnablePlayerControls to allow mods to control the player in a centralized manner.
  • * New gag sound category for females
  • * Armbinder SexLab support (doggy style, missionary, skull fuck, lesbian)
  • * Boobjob animation for armbinder
  • * Made binding effect more reliable when NPCs are moving between game cells.
  • * Compatible with DD slots
  • ** Moved wrist cuffs to item slots 59, ankle cuffs to 53. Combined now occupy 53 and 59.
  • ** Moved chastity belts to slot 49
  • ** Moved gags to slot 44
  • ** Moved blindfold to slot 55, removed blindfold slot from the hoods (they now take just the head slot as expected)
  • ** Collar stay at slot 45 (as is the case for DD).
  • 5.52:
  • -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  • * Updated version reporting.
  • * SexLab 1.50 compatibility.
  • * Removed function zbfSexLab::GetAnimation. For animations from Zaz to work now, they must be registered then fetched through the SexLab get animation system.
  • * New tags to separate bondage configuration: SubSub (both actors are bound), DomSub (only one bound actor). All bound animations are tagged with "Bound". Pillory animations are tagged with "Pillory".
  • V005.51:
  • -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  • * Fixed required master files (only Skyrim.esm now).
  • V005.5:
  • -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  • * When mod is disabled, no effects are played, including mouth open effects.
  • * Added options to control mod behavior and free player from ai control for mods that use the built in control system.
  • * Script cleanup
  • * Upgrade should work again (no more error messages).
  • * Added additional checks to make sure the main quest is running properly.
  • * SexLab integration is fixed (v1.39b)
  • * Removed the animation submodule. It's becoming too large, and is rarely used (if ever).
  • * New animations for SexLab. Actors can now be bound during AggrDoggyStyle (female/both), AggrMissionary (female), Skull Fuck (female), Arrok Lesbian (female/both).
  • * Improved whip sound effects.
  • * SexLab configuration has moved to its own menu item.
  • * MCM is translated.
  • * Lots of new keywords added to support Devious Devices animation and poses through the ZAP framework (zbfAnimMouthXX, zbfAnimHandsXXX).
  • * Changed the default bound animation.
  • * Default bound animation can now be configured from MCM, unless there is a specific animation attached to the item worn (which overrides MCM).
  • V005.4:
  • -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  • * Regenerated behavior files with new FNIS version. Should fix animation objects.
  • * SexLab 1.20 compatibility
  • * FNIS 4.0 compatibility
  • * Whips and crops should be less bloody now. Slight changes to speed and damage as well.
  • * New function: zbfUtil.SetActorDisplayScale which sets an actors apparent size to 1.0 and returns the value needed to restore the actor to previous size.
  • * Setting to change decal life time in-game. Reverts after each restart.
  • V005.3:
  • -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  • * SexLab 1.20 compatibility
  • * FNIS 4.0 compatibility
  • * Whips and crops should be less bloody now. Slight changes to speed and damage as well.
  • * New function: zbfUtil.SetActorDisplayScale which sets an actors apparent size to 1.0 and returns the value needed to restore the actor to previous size.
  • * Setting to change decal life time in-game. Reverts after each restart.
  • V005.2:
  • -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  • * Fixed AA slots for most races, humans and non-humans.
  • (mod) Added a blindness visual effect as an enchantment.
  • (mod) Added an animation repository with all animations. Use zbfUtil.GetAnim() to access.
  • * Removed the configuration module. Config is now baked into Zaz animation pack. SkyUI is now a dependency.
  • * Added SexLab animations. SexLab is still optional.
  • (mod) Added furniture: Rack, Wooden horse, vertical stocks, wheel (#03) and X-Cross.
  • (mod) Added furniture support for all static nif objects. Most of them have unfortunate collision meshes and so require a free camera to use.
  • * Modified zbfTestZone with new furniture. Check it out by teleporting there "coc zbfTestZone".
  • (mod) Added a few new animations with chains instead of animation objects and/or new poses. (ZazApcAo306-ZazApcAo315).
  • V005.1:
  • -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  • * zbf Multi Gag tongue now has an open mouth animation.
  • * Added a spawnable Npc called "zbf Slave".
  • * Added utility functions for placing actors in preparation for the pillory animations.
  • * Bug: zbfGSBCuffsBlack now correctly apply the bound animation.
  • * zbfUtil added functions. Minor changes to some function signatures.
  • * Revised race compatibility for all items. If items look reasonably well, they are visible, otherwise invisible.
  • * Bug: Argonians and Khajiit no longer CTD when wearing "zbf blind hood". Model is replaced by vanilla hood.
  • * Bug: Argonians and Khajiit did not show most items. They still can not display all items, and some items may clip slightly. Most gags still don't work and most collars clip.
  • V005:
  • -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  • * Punishment weapons are now usable by Npc during regular combat.
  • * Removed zbfSettingNpcUpdateInterval. Update interval now affects both player character and npcs.
  • * Item effects now apply updates automatically. Bound animation is only refreshed if the item has "zbfEffectRefresh" keyword attached. This keyword is useful only to modders.
  • * Split up enchantments between full and partial bondage to prevent eg. unequipping a gag to reset animation.
  • * All cuffs and wrist bonds use the new bondage enchantment instead of the partial one.
  • * Added function: zbfUtil.GetVersion() which returns the current version.
  • * Added a testing zone: zbfTestZone. "coc zbfTestZone" in the console.
  • * Updated script version to 5.00
  • * All FNIS ZaZ animations will not work on anything tagged as a child.
  • * Loads of Pillory 2p Animations (Have a Look at the List in the Animations folder)
  • * New static: Pillory02
  • V004:
  • -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  • * Optional configuration menu (enable ZazAnimationPackConfig.esp) which requires SkyUI.
  • * Whips leave marks.
  • * Added all animation objects as statics.
  • * Default effect refresh timers set to 0 (disabled). This should make sure the mod clashes less with animations while still being mostly useful for the player character and npc. Timers can still be enabled through the console.
  • * Effects now take care not to reset properties and animations unless instructed to. This should make enabling timers less of an issue.
  • * Removed "loose" wrist ropes. No restraints prevent inventory access. Functionality remains for modders.
  • * Removed character creation overrides (femaleheadbrowschargen.tri and femaleheadbrowsrace.tri) because these files were giving some people issues.
  • * Added a chest with all items from this mod. Spawn by "player.placeatme XX010001" where XX is the load order of this mod.
  • * Renamed rope to leather binds and introduced rope bonds.
  • * 5 new hogtie animations with rope from hands to feet. (ZazApcAo051-ZazApcAo055)
  • * 5 new hanging shackle animations. (ZazApcAo301-ZazApcAo305)
  • * Bug: zbf Collar Ai didn't work properly
  • * Bug: zbf effects are now overlapping (not stacking).


Screenshots Screenshots Screenshots Screenshots Screenshots Screenshots Screenshots

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