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Assigning skin texture onto CBBE armor.


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Hi, we all know how unp and cbbe have different body texture UV map. Cbbe armor looks really weird when equipped on a UNP body. My question is can i use Nifskope to assign the armor a set of CBBE skin? I have been trying but it seems like it always link back to the default female texture folder.


Edit: Upon a bit more research, it seems the armor is using the race's skin texture rather than the texture i assigned. A thread somewhere suggested that a special skin shader, shader type 5 iirc in BSLightingShaderProperty shader flags is causing it to read the race's skin texture instead.

I cant seem to find this "shader type 5", i am using the newest Nifskope that just came out, should i use an older version?

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I'm not sure what 'shader type 5' is. Maybe it's a reference to an older version of nifskope?




In my version of nifskope (1.1.0-RC6), if the mesh has SLSF1_FaceGen_RGB_Tint selected then the mesh will use the race's default texture. This is the data\textures\actors\character\female\femalebody_1.dds. You can assign it a different texture by unchecking this shader type from the list, though your body will lose it's ability to gain the same shading color as your face, hands, and feet.


I'm sure other people have figured that out, but I just stumbled upon it last night. My character had her normal color face (very dark brown) with a very light skinned body. It looked silly. I'm not sure how to fix this if it's even possible.

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On an additional note, depending on what the armor is and who made it, you might have to alter the armoraddon property in the Construction Kit. I've had a couple armor meshes where I swapped UNP bodies to CBBE bodies it was still using the wrong textures. The armoraddon property can almost force the mesh to point to a specific set of body textures.

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