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ECE only affecting some armors; others do not morph

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I've noticed something in both Skyrim SE and Fallout 4; some outfits, when converted to CBBE; when I use the ECE for Skyrim or the Looksmenu with Fallout 4; when I edit the size of body parts to my character with the menu, only some armors correspond change, others are hard coded to the bodyslide base I've done. Is there any way to fix that issue? Now, they do keep the bodyslide in the batch builds, but in game I cannot use the other menus to alter the appearance.

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Figured it all out; thanks for the info. It was apparently a sloppy rehash to body-slide. I have to fix many of the meshes myself, even rig breast physic skeletons and the sort. If I get to finishing it, I'll have to re-upload on here. It's a CBBE edit of Immersive Armors.

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