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Mod/Spell that makes PC/NPC "talk"

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What is the best way to have NPC/PC move their lips so that it looks like they are talking?


I've searched a bit, but all I could find was this one:



I'm thinking about making a small skyrim video with custom voice lines.


I don't need the correct lip movement for each word. But it would be nice to see the NPC lips move :-)


Any tips? All tips are welcome.

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Puppeteer master is more for screenshots than videos. You can always record the NPC's say their standard lines and then overwrite them with your custom lines in post. An additional  solution is to do what the creators of Raiders did and just give literally every NPC a face mask of sorts.

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You could give Lively Lovely Screenie a try. I use an old version of it where simply pressing the <, key plays a random expression on the PC's face with lip sync as if he/she is talking. Console commands can be used to play specific expressions for both the PC and NPCs. The latest version uses an amulet and some kind of shout for NPCs, though I'm not sure exactly how that one works.

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