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Looking for the UUNP refits from "Immersive Armors CBBE and UUNP Refit"

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13 hours ago, Frozium said:

Manual, mainly beacuse it being an Oldrim mod cannot be downloaded to SE's MO2

I manually download the file and had no problems opening the archive.
Since I'm not sure the protocol of attaching files for mods in a thread, I sent you a PM with the files.
I had to split the archive since the original exceeded the maximum size (100MB)

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6 hours ago, RamonXick said:

on my machine, the only thing that slide-able is the neck part


Which version? CBBE or UUNP?

I personally don't use UUNP, but looking at some of the slider XML files in the UUNP archive, I see more than just a slider for the neck part. (although I'm not sure what you actually mean by "neck part")

There are a total of 91 slider sets contained in the  UUNP for Immersive Armors and so you're going to need to be a little more specific as to which one or is it all of them.

Screen shots would also go along way in helping people understand your issue. 




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