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NPC beautification mod

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I just testing my FO4, getting used to those beauties in Skyrim, I have to say, the looks of NPCs in FO4 are crap.


Would you miind gives me so suggestion on NPC "facelift" mod and Nora presets your guys using that are compatible with "unofficial fix"

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Immersive Wastelanders is really good, does not cover all that many NPCs but with a lot of thought to individuality. Well if you ever used overhauls like Bijin NPCs for Skyrim, you may have noticed that these only use 2-3 different faces for hundreds of NPCs - this is not the case with IW.

As for the last update, i deleted the entry for Sturges because he's one of the most decent looking vanilla NPCs and i found the revamp a downgrade in comparison.


Lots More Settlers and Enemies will take care of unnamed settlers and several hostile factions, also has the neat side effect that settlers will now appear in random Raider/Gunner equipment - i.e. your settlers are now former gangsters having given up their old life. Nice immersion boost.

Fair warning that this causes a lot of loading lags when you approach areas with a high amount of these random NPCs (like a settlement with 20+ settlers), though the mod is required anyways by Immersive Wastelanders.




And yeah the women (NPCs and player presets) in FO4 look absolutely terrible - most men are actually very well done though, if you compare to the ugly mugs in Skyrim.

Same like the nude bodies, the quality difference between male and female is so large, that i'm convinced that the lead designer is either a massive misogynist or an extreme feminist who thinks that display of feminine beauty would be "sexism".

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