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Apropos and Jcontainer

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I assume your using Mod Organizer like all sensible people do. For me and how I found it worked best, Jcontainers placed early in my priority list (left side), but after all other mods it may have overwrites with. I figured its better to have later file versions of Jcontainers as its a framework than other mods for general cross compatibility. Apropos then pretty much landed later in my priority order as it had no overwrites with anything.

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On 28.3.2018 at 3:48 AM, Drek71 said:

but after all other mods it may have overwrites

That's the key with JContainers ... IF you have the newest version of JContainers, NOTHING should overwrite it.

Older versions of too many mods were packaging (now outdated) versions of Jcontainers ... that issue lead us to many unnecessary compatability problems.

Today's version of Apropos doesn't do that anymore. So basically in your left pane in MO, it doesn't matter which of both comes first. Just pay attention that no part of JC get's not overwritten by anything.

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