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[SOLVED] How to open .dds files in Photoshop

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8 minutes ago, Clockwinding said:

You need to download a specific plugin for your photoshop. You can google it easily, "photoshop .dds plugin".

worked for me.

If you're talking about the nvidia texturing plugin, it doesn't work for me for some reason. I installed it but none of the features show up for me.

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16 minutes ago, trasberny said:

I'm thinking of creating a follower mod with custom textures and was wondering if any modders use photoshop for .dds files and have a plugin to open them. I use photoshop for work professionally so would prefer not to downgrade to learning how to use gimp.

I have photoshop and the relevant plugin, but I always view .dds in the free Paint.Net as it's easier. (It's free too which is nice.)

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I tried the nvidia plugin again and got it working in a extremely dumb way. Apparently photoshop could not find the plugin files, so I had to change the preferences to read plugins from the plugins folder, which is really dumb since it should have been doing that in the first place. But at least it works now...

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