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Rimworld Adult and Non-Adult Suggestions

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I run this mod list right now. RJW has been recompiled with changes, everything else is as downloaded. Most are minor tweeks, but PrepareCarefully, EPOE, and hospitality are real game changers.

Advanced Electronics


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I'll second bonebaby's list; it's pretty solid, though to get Rimjobworld working well with other mods needs some finessing. I'm not sure how compatible the current RJW is to ChildrenAndPregnancy. Other mods that are not in the above list:

- Psychology - though the latest update has some compatibility issues with Prepare Carefully, so I'd drop this at the moment

- Hand me that Brick/Share the Load

- Quality Builder

- Room Sense

- Greenworld

- all the Giddyup mods

- Megafauna

- RT fuses and maybe Rimatomics if you're building big

- NoWaterNoLife and DubsBadHygene - for more things to worry about

- Mass graves

- Rimsenal - because pretty gear and armors

- SimpleSidearms - quick swapping between weapons

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I know this post is old, but I really like this game.


Don't disable infestations completely, get the better infestations mod, they can still be brutal but they now make sense and give you more time to beat them back when they do happen. But if you don't act they'll multiply quickly.


Dubsbadhygiene- is more annoying than fun, for first timer I'd go without that. Personally I'll never use this mod again. It's just more annoying than fun.


Nowaternolife- is a reasonable alternative, but again for a first timer go without it.


Deep Ore Identifier-is nice to have, once you get ground penetrating radar it lets you know what you're drilling into instead of plopping down an epensive drill and finding out it's just steel when you've already got a million but what you really need is,,, well everything else.


Cyberpunk- is really nice, I like it mainly because I loved the pnp game from my younger days.


Metal Doesn't burn


ED-Enhanced Options


Project Mootfox- (gives some really good late game turrets that can be a life saver. They're op, but considering how powerful raids can get and the cost of the turrets they're reasonable.


Wanderer Stat- tells you some basic info of the random wanderers that want to join your crew and allows you to deny them if they suck. Otherwise you will get random losers who join up and if you kick them to the curb you take a hit to happiness.


Mending- allows you to repair stuff, there are many different versions of repair mods but I prefer the one simply labeled Mending. It's kind of cheaty as it doesn't require any items other than damaged clothes. One version requires repair kits, another I tried doesn't want to work. It says I lack required items but it doesn't show in any way what that required item is.


Deadmans- allows you to wear deadmans clothes without the debuff. It's kinda cheaty BUT if you're out in the middle of a hellhole planet and you needed some clothes you'd damn sure wear the shirt with bullet holes in it and you'd like it. Since I normally have to repair this stuff I just pretend it gets washed in the process so it's just a bit of RP.


Achtung! v2- allows some super detailed control over your pawns. It lets you force them to do things that must be done right NOW, also it allows you to move your crew in formation. Several other uses as well.


Centralized Climate Control- is superior to Dubs for heating and cooling.


Ehhh,,,, all I can think of right off hand. If you want I'll put together a mod pack on steam and you can just sub them all at once. Theirs like 50 I'm using right now and they all work well together.





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