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Looking for some help

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Hi all!


So, for a while now I've been trying to convert a mod for Liara from Mass Effect I found a while ago for skyrim over to Fallout 4. More specifically making a new race. I divided the face into four parts (head, eyes, mouth, hair) and went to work according to this guide here: https://www.loverslab.com/topic/75225-possible-to-convert-a-skyrim-face-preset-to-fallout-4/

So far so good. At first, everything went allright. Got the mesh ingame (not the first mesh/conversion I've done afterall) as a mask. Though it was positioned near the feet, not where the head usually is. So, I tried messing around with the mesh on both Nifskope and BS/OS to get it where it needs to be. Succeeded with eyes, mouth and the hair but the head itself didn't want to move, no matter what I did. So I said, forget it, I'll just see if the rest works. Created a new preset through an unique actor and everything rendered fine in the CK (false positioning of the head and no texture aside for the moment). Anyway, if tried ingame it immediately crashed when selecting the preset. Tried everything I could come up with. Deleting unnecessary bone data, making sure all edits are correct. Double-checked all paths and then checked them once again anyway. Everything was in order. Head still wouldn't move though.


So, I tried to add the textures to the nif directly instead of only assigning a .bgsm to it with Nifskope at the very least. So far so good again, as the textures now showed up in CK as well, but whenever I now try to load the head .nif in CK (even the backup I had which worked yesterday) it crashes instantly as well. I'm pretty out of ideas now. Any idea what went wrong?

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I'm not expert at modelling, still learning myself....  But I did have a very similar issue recently with a helmet I'm working on. It uses the T-45 power armor helmet (which is static furniture not armor)  and the army helmet.  I had to export it to OBJ to get it to 3ds to make a bunch of edits, then re-import it back to OS to make final adjustments, etc.  It looked great in OS and looked great there - but in game, it was at my player's feet.  Manually moving it up to position in NIFSkope resulted in the mesh looking as you see it below, but in OS and in game, it was 12 feet over the player's head.


What fixed it for me was correctly applying bone data and the right weights.  I ended up using a vanilla full face helmet to copy the correct bone and weight data to the mesh and now it works flawlessly in game.


Could be similar to what you may need to do?





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Yeah, I tried that as well. For the sake of it (as was written in the guide) I used the HEAD bone to cover the whole thing, making sure everything's equally painted. Didn't matter. Changing the location in Nifskope did help with the other pieces but not for the head strangely enough.

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