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[Question] Character Creation Software


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I recently started to read visual novels of everykind (mostly western types). I started to realize that they visually looks almost the same. But it's not like that. It looked really detailed and 3D modelled. Most of them were indie VNs made in Ren'Py or RPG Maker.


I thought there was a software about Character and Background creation. I like creative work (by other or made by my self) so I started to find but I failed to find the exact same software. The closest find iClone.


I'm looking for a similar software to this. I'm making a game in Ren'Py story progress is quite well advanced now but it's lack of graphics (I'm not talented in drawing). There are some but not good enough. Can anybody suggest some software for this? Anything fine but I need emotions to show on characters (fear, happiness etc.)


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