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What characters can share costumes?

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Hey guys!


After copying and renaming some costumes between characters, I found that a few of them line up (Hitomi's and Mila's) without a gap between the head and the neck. I was wondering if anyone knew whose body types were similar/swappable and how many "classes" of body types there were.



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5 hours ago, icejaw19 said:

let's see...yup, I have ABC Transformer Tool 2  2016  version 7-2-4 and it's workin' great for me :smile:


Yes, I'm sorry, I swapped the two numbers. ver. 2016.7.2.4
I tried it several times and sometimes it had problems.
And you use the program Character Transformer Tool? It seems to me that it works more qualitatively.
Although the experience I have so far small.
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ABC is very much straight tool with few adjustable params however, its potential is unlimited if you add/configure Reference folder. Usually very good with Harry Palmer's base models but worth to try with newer ones like Osiri's.


TimmyC's Character Transformer Tool is up to you, capable like one-click-then-done automatic tool or can spend much time to fine tune by adjusting many parameters/functions. Gotta have check his tutorial. And support H-LOD model by default.


All in all, we are fortunate to have very good tools not one but two!



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