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I have tons of mods, can i install dawnguard?


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hi, dear all lovely forummers here,


I have tons of mod before dawnguard release. And i plan to keep them all.


So basically my question is can i install dawnguard without losing those mods?


Cos i scared dawnguard will overwrite those.


And i see got mod with musket rifle which i must have but require dawnguard.

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here's my Active Mod Files atm and i have dawnguard.

maybe theres a possibility of (cell)conflicts with housing mods near rifton.



00  Skyrim.esm
01  Update.esm
02  Dawnguard.esm
03  CLARALUX - More and Brighter Lights.esm
04  ApachiiHair.esm
05  MTOH.esm
06  Alicia.esm
07  Extended Colors.esm
08  oblivion hair.esm
09  Oblivion hair2.esm
0A  GeneralStores.esm
0B  BySbire_FemaleBehavoir.esp
0C  GreenWaterFix_Compatible.esp
0D  WATER - Get Wet.esp
0E  Rooster At Dawn v1.0.esp
0F  SoS - The Dungeons.esp  [Version 1.10]
10  SoS - The Wilds.esp  [Version 1.0.1]
11  CLARALUX - LightAdjuster - Vanilla Bright Increased Radius.esp  [Version erts]
13  AOMGHOST.esp
14  Behemoth Dragon.esp
15  Birdsofskyrim.esp
16  Catsofskyrim.esp
17  Chesko_WearableLantern.esp
18  GS.esp
19  DaedricCrownCraftable.esp
1A  DragonCrownCraftable.esp
1B  DragonPlateCrownCraftable.esp
1C  Dogsofskyrim.esp
1D  EbonyCrownCraftable.esp
1E  ElvenCrownCraftable.esp
1F  GlassCrownCraftable.esp
20  MoreRain.esp
21  MoreSnow.esp
22  MoreVillageAnimals.esp
23  SortiertesInventar.esp
24  SpaceWikingSpecialEffectFreyjaGems.esp
25  CrowdedCities.esp
26  Auto Unequip Arrows.esp
27  iHUD.esp
28  Airy Armor.esp
29  Amiella Outfit.esp
2A  Arngrim_Evening_Dress.esp
2B  AsharaPrinceOfTheWoods.esp
2C  bobsarmory.esp
2D  Cloaks.esp
2E  1nivWICCloaks.esp
2F  1nivWICCloaksCRAFT.esp
30  1nivWICSkyCloaksPatch.esp  [Version 1.1]
31  CrainteVomir.esp
32  daedric_phelm.esp
33  DBShreddedTriss.esp
35  Daedric Extra Armor.esp
36  DesertWindByNausicaa.esp
37  DwemerAutoBlade.esp
38  Earrings Set1.esp
39  fox16 Armor.esp
3A  fox12 Armor.esp
3B  FS_EveningStar.esp
3C  Hana.esp
3D  Hentai_mixed_Armor.esp
3E  HentaiMaxiArmor.esp
3F  HentaiVoidArmor.esp
40  HentaisJamellaArmor.esp
41  JackshCelineArmor.esp
42  LayerBikini.esp
43  LB Pantie & Boots.esp
44  leathercollar1mm.esp
45  ly witch.esp
46  Maxwell Outfit.esp
47  Neo's Witch.esp
48  Newermind Bow Collection.esp
49  Nicoroshi Creations.esp  [Version 1.0]
4A  Orgnum'sDagger.esp
4B  Osare HeadPhone.esp
4C  Osare OnePiece.esp
4D  R18Pn - Inner Wear Set.esp
4E  Remodeled Armor.esp
4F  RogueArmor.esp
50  ScoiataelBow.esp
51  ScoutArmor.esp
52  SexyJersey.esp
53  SexyKunoichi2ndByNausicaa.esp
54  Shields_of_the_northern_kingdoms.esp
55  Silverlight Armor.esp
56  SkimpySilverlight.esp
57  SkyHeels.esp
58  sword_yamato.esp
59  TeraCastanicFArmors.esp
5A  TeraHEFArmors.esp
5B  ThalmorStandalone.esp
5C  TS_SlickArmour.esp
5D  UNP Simply Clothes.esp
5E  Werehide.esp
5F  Ank_Castle_Main.esp
60  Whiterun Ferns.esp
61  armored-horses.esp
62  HorsesGoneWild.esp
63  Lyn_RealArrows_FasterArrows.esp
64  magicmoonsp.esp
65  dD-No Spinning Death Animation.esp
66  OpenFaceGuardHelmets.esp
67  UBW.esp
68  dovahkiinrelax.esp
69  Added_Killmoves_All_Weapons+Last_Enemy_Limit_Removed+Player_cannot_be_killmoved.esp
6A  Onehanded.esp
6B  Pinups3.esp
6C  Pinups2.esp
6D  Pinups.esp
6E  MTOH.esp
6F  numenume Hair.esp
70  RenHair.esp
71  TemptressVixen.esp
72  FollowerWander2.esp
73  Follower Limit Increased.esp
74  multimarriage.esp
75  Extended Colors - Selection.esp
76  RCRN Legacy - Hybrid Shaders.esp
77  BarenziahQuestMarkers.esp
78  PlayerHomeMapMarkers.esp
79  Hair pack -Allhairs-.esp
7A  S&B.esp
7B  Sims_hair.esp
7C  wjunlady.esp
7D  Dibella's Butterfly.esp
7E  Hecatic.esp
7F  Karliah2CBBE3ByNausicaa.esp
80  MaximumDrive.esp
81  MGSword.esp
82  TheKillingMoon.esp
83  1InphyHair.esp
84  Added_Slow_Motion_to_1stPerson.esp
85  AsharaRadiantRaiment.esp
86  amk Border Lace Lingerie.esp
87  Osare Underwear.esp
88  BeltGirl2ByNausicaa.esp
89  RavenousEleganceByNausicaa.esp
8A  Roman armor and weapons replacer.esp
8B  Fans for Helain.esp
8C  For the Brotherhood Daggers.esp
8D  JackshJillArmor.esp
8E  1YuravicaDBRobe.esp
8F  Alicia.esp
90  ArmorChainMail.esp
91  BadLadyByNausicaa.esp
92  BBP_Sexy Elves.esp
93  Bikini Clothes.esp
94  BySbire_Aela.esp
95  BySbire_DBWeddingOutfit.esp
96  BySbire_Iona.esp
97  BySbire_Jordis.esp
98  BySbire_Lydia.esp
99  BySbire_Mjoll.esp
9A  BySbire_Njada.esp
9B  BySbire_Ria.esp
9C  BySbire_Uthgerd.esp
9D  BySbire_Vex.esp
9E  CraftablePantysCBBEv3M.esp
9F  DoomedValkyrie.esp
A0  HorseBag.esp
A1  HotaruByNausicaa.esp
A2  JackshJuliaArmor.esp
A3  Crimson Tide - Blood.esp
A4  JackshSaberArmor.esp
A5  LadyJewel.esp
A6  Lightning Blade.esp
A7  Lydia Armor.esp
A8  TeraHMFArmors.esp
A9  Lyn_RealArrows_NoArrowTrails.esp
AA  NudeYngvildSpirits.esp
AB  Omni Set.esp
AC  Calendar - Deutsch.esp
AD  S&D summer.esp
AE  SeeYouSleepByMadmole.esp
AF  Temptressdressv1.esp
B0  SylphidByNausicaa.esp
B1  Forsworn Berserker Bow Collection.esp
B2  RedSamurai.esp
B3  SED7femaleLabiaPiercings.esp
B4  SED7femalePiercings.esp
B5  svs2cloth.esp
B6  1AdofBySimon.esp
B7  Faster Bolts.esp
B8  1Nun.esp
B9  Bethany.esp
BA  svsarmcloth2.esp
BB  ly jacket.esp
BC  Succubus_CBBEByNausicaa.esp
BD  Sun Glasses OE.esp
BE  ArmorEbonyRanger.esp
C0  Onechanbara Kagura Set.esp
C1  Daedric Chainmail.esp
C2  JackshKasumiArmor.esp
C3  Faith Outfit.esp
C4  sonia.esp
C5  JackshGoldladyArmor.esp
C6  SNVega.esp
C7  WATER.esp
C8  decap_chance_70.esp
C9  killmoverandom-10-P-L.esp
CA  Nicos Raven Swords.esp
CB  Schwertleite Set.esp
CC  Spellweave.esp
CD  Dynavision.esp
CE  BBP_Dragon_Princess.esp
CF  Tribunal Robes by Zairaam.esp
D0  URW_TypeK_Bastardsword_v1.esp
D1  MintyLightningMod.esp
D2  dwarven war cross bow.esp
D3  dwarvenrifle.esp
D4  Black Lotus.esp
D5  Dread Huntress Armor.esp
D6  ProType - Goth Maid.esp
D7  ProType - Gothica.esp
D8  ProType - Domino.esp
D9  ProType - Peppermint.esp
DA  ProType - Sugar.esp
DB  ProType - Artificial Academy.esp
DC  ProType - Moon Stone.esp
DD  ProType - Sakura.esp
DE  ProType - SummerTime.esp
DF  ProType - Cool Fever.esp
E0  Golden Arrow.esp
E1  Musket.esp
E2  theRoadstrokersRogueSorceress.esp
E3  Elecp's Vampdress.esp
E4  yyMoodMagic_eng.esp
E5  R18Pn - Argent Iron Armor.esp
E6  LB Lady Arcana.esp
E7  MosinNagant.esp
E8  S&D shadow walker.esp
E9  Salome.esp
EA  noBlurDOF.esp
EB  seducesets.esp
EC  Lyn_RealArrows_NoArrowHitStereoEffect.esp
ED  bloodierCombatv1.1.esp
EE  ZZZ_Stenvar_Replacer_THAIDEN.esm
EF  zzz_Jenassa_MAKEOVER_by83Willow.esp


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if anything you should uninstall all your mods, i dont know about making a clean save but i would recommend it, install dawngaurd (make sure you have 1.7) and install all of them back in and u should be good to go, almost no mods conflict with DG unless it involves anything to do with lycans, vampire, pex files, races....etc

but if you they do happen to conflict most of the mods(that are still being worked on) from lovers/nexus will have a dawnguard patch most likely

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