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A few suggestions for clothing.

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Just trying to help give some ideas to the talented modders around here. I feel like there could be more clothes around.


-Update for vanilla skirts to show what is underneath.

Only really needed for the short skirts I suppose, but could be a nice added detail.


-Bra's and corsets as accesoires.

I found some but they where more covering designs. Some sexy designs would be nice here, maybe with alternative versions where the boobs are partially or fully exposed.

It would combine well with many tops. There seriously should have been an underwear layer under clothes anyways.


-Panties as accesoires.

Same as above, I found only one thong somewhere, more would be welcome there. Would combine well with earlier mentioned skirt modification.


-Cybernetics as tattoo's and full face make up.

Not an adult mod really, but something that could be neat to have. Arm tattoo's could show a partial or full cybernetic arm and there could be some color variants too.

Leg tattoos could show one or two cybernetic legs, the back could show a cybernetic spine, chest tattoos could show a cybernetic heart, face make up a partially revealed cybernetic face, etc.

Possibly there could be variants that could hide a bit more of it, making it appear like a damaged terminator.


-Low cut tops.

Some basic low cut tops would be nice, the vanilla game does not really have much of that. It could include variants that are wet from either sweat or rain becoming a bit see through and maybe variants where the boobs are further out of the top or fully even.


-Garters accesoires that go under skirts.

I havent seen it yet, they always seem to go over them.


-Blouse with various amounts of buttons opened.

Could maybe be the same blouse that could get several variants:

All buttons closed, a few open to show a bit of cleavage, more open to show a large amount of cleavage which could go well with earlier mentioned bra accesoires, and maybe a version with the blouse pulled open enough to reveal the breasts fully.


-Sexy nightgowns.

Might be nice to see some that are barely descent, maybe including variants with a fallen strap or such. Could be nice for a bathrobe too.


-Blouse accesoires.

Would go well with many kind of tops, wouldnt clip with the tight kind.








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