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  1. Evilash34

    Pornstars revamp 3.0

    Carmella bing, use to be big name in the industry...now shes not looking greatest....but she did some really good scenes with London keys and some of the other actors/actresses.. I could be wrong but I don't think she has kids but I did see really messed up mugshot of her.
  2. Evilash34

    Pornstars revamp 3.0

    Bree Olson beta...
  3. Evilash34

    Pornstars revamp 3.0

    New Pornstar Stoya Updated Carmella bing.. Thanks patreon supports hanging in there with me... https://www.patreon.com/user/overview?u=9703335
  4. Evilash34

    Where to start in adult modding Sims 4?

    Start small...
  5. Evilash34

    Pornstars revamp 3.0

    Might need to be big darker...
  6. Evilash34

    Pornstars revamp 3.0

    What did you get? Why she had blue hair or where it was? Was just a swatch under the purple.. Check out photos.. I try stick with clothes and hair they have had..
  7. Evilash34

    Dirty BDSM

    I don't know the whole bdsm thing; I just like the outfits...I don't get the golden shower thing....or any that other stuff...
  8. Evilash34

    Pics 2

    Crab her back would burst...rofl..HAHAHAHAH what does she have an adimantium back? lol...should give her wolverine claws lol...or adamantium nipple piercings ROFL....those juggs are pontoons lol...
  9. I havent done anything more with anna bell; the other stars I have worked on went passed 30 days so they are up on site free to public with direct link. I know some of those stars have done scenes with anna bell. I need get my julez ventura updated; i know she did a scene with anna bell that was pretty hot. 


    The silvia della turned out pretty good...and shes up there now free...to pimp and push out lol...

    1. yhgghdg


      lol got it brother

  10. Evilash34

    Pornstars revamp 3.0

    All-righty... then..... fixed up sight a little bit - Let me know if any issues, tweaks or fixes any file issues always use larger file size when replacing files I have modded.. I Dumped the adfly so 30 days I just release them on my site. SO I just released free into the wild blue porn yonder...rofl... Jynx 2.0 Silvia Della Ash Hollywood Rina Ellis Teagan.. Enjoy...and patreon supports...There still stuff on the way..and thanks for every ones support. https://www.patreon.com/user/overview?u=9703335
  11. Evilash34

    Pornstars revamp 3.0

    I'm going to make some models free and dump the adfly. Was an idea but actually causing more issues than anything. The last anna bell was 3.5.
  12. Evilash34

    Katrina Jade 2.0 - Smoothed out edges

    Yeah, I going to release her pretty soon along with some other stars - Check out forum pornstars 3.0 revamp.
  13. Is this still work in progress?
  14. Evilash34

    Dirty BDSM

    My thought is wear all clothes like below?? Where are all these type of outfits? lol