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  1. I have come across and issue where looks like there are dark patches and her boobs are somewhat sagging. Has anyone else come across this? I tried removing all skin mods and new tried new models but for some reason still seems like there is some type skin hang over lay. See photo...anyone else know what could be causing this?
  2. Evilash34

    Help finding cc

    Anyone help me find some cc? TS4_008_yfHood_top_by_Tamamaro.package
  3. Evilash34

    WickedWhims Last Exception error

    This worked for me so far..Thank you!!!!!
  4. Evilash34

    WARNING! Latest Sims 4 Patch Broke A LOT!

    I tried the fix suggested for wicked whims until the patched version goes public. I backed up my mods and save folder completely. Then removed save folder and mods and re-added whicked whims fresh and created a fresh save and seems to have cleared the exception error. I kept the resource.cfg in the mods folder but deleted everything else after I backed it up. I loaded up new game and seems okay so far. Not sure what else is broken though lol.
  5. Evilash34

    Cryonics for sims 4

    Is there way to script pose-player for repeating pose continously and remove all the other pop ups and things so basically they would just stay in the tubes forever? Could that be scripted?
  6. Evilash34

    Requests - What now?

    Maybe...There have been some new breast mods out. I know Noir dark has made a very good milk breasts mod but I don't know its exactly what I been looking for as far as tits. I would have to sit down with blender and learn some more.
  7. Evilash34

    Full Body Sweat

    Is it possible to link this to end of ww animations for climax scene?
  8. Evilash34

    Requests - What now?

    Sorry....these are not the droids your looking for.........
  9. Evilash34

    Requests - What now?

    I'm sorry...I'm not going to need a patreon donation for that...and even then i don't know....HHAHAHAHA j/k....rofl...
  10. Evilash34

    Requests - What now?

    Uhmmmm good luck with that...lol..
  11. Evilash34

    Requests - What now?

    I think your tattoo is done.... Hope you like it and its what you wanted.... https://www.patreon.com/user?u=9703335 Jensen Ackles.package
  12. Evilash34

    Requests - What now?

  13. Evilash34

    Requests - What now?

    How does this look?
  14. Evilash34

    Requests - What now?

    That might be kind of tough but do-able.....
  15. Who would you like to see now? I got some releases not finished any requests? clothing, model, porn-star, tattoos? What would my 'fans' like to see.?