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Kinkyworld suddenly won't show up in new worlds

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I have the latest version of Kinkyworld and it was working fine, but suddenly when I create a new world it doesn't show up. I get the notification in the upper right corner saying it's there, but i never get the "injecting kinky interactions" loading screen and i have no kinky options. This is new so i have no idea what caused it, can anyone help?

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i have run into the same issue where either i start a new game and wait for everything to load before clicking on a sim to enable KW and the option is not there. I have to either reload it from the main menu or i have close the full game and relaunch it fresh. The other issue i am running into is when KW does load and works if i save the game and go back to it only some of KW will load. I have the menus, but the traits are missing and asking for them to be reassigned only the list is empty. No amount of reloading will resolve this issue, nor disabling and reinstating KW.

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