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Can't speak to Vadim

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I walk in to the inn, did not speak to Vadim and his brother the first time and walk out. 

Now when I ready to do the quest, I walk in to the inn again, he says something like "When you are ready to help Travis, come talk to me" before I walk into his dialog distance. When I try to talk to him, there is no respond. His brother stand next to him and has no dialog too. I can't push him and his brother away, can't steal from them...

I can initiate dialog with them again after a couple of punch to his face but the whole town come rushing to kill me now.

Tried disable and enable, recycleactor... doesn't work...

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Sounds like the quest is out of sync....


From: http://fallout.wikia.com/wiki/Confidence_Man


Sometimes when entering the Dugout Inn, the quest will automatically activate without encountering the conversation between the brothers about Travis. [verified]
To fix this, load a save from entry to the Dugout Inn. When entering again, this time the conversation should start when upon walking up to the brothers talking at the bar.


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