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Anyone know how to fix the camera?

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I assume it's broke from TIM + death animation shenanigans I was using for story telling/photo taking purposes. The wikia said entering and exiting power armor should fix visual glitches related to that but nope. 3rd person camera is stuck behind my character's head while standing still. I've also tried TFC, slm, resurrect, recycle actor, kill + resurrect, adding camera settings to the ini, deleting the ini, using a recent custom camera mod and running fallrim tools to clean the save. I feel like there's a console command or something simple I'm missing that could fix it but I'm not sure what it would be.

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It's something now in your save.... I am not sure what command causes this... or fixes it :frown:  The old Skyrim trick of "use an animated object" (like a blacksmith's table) only sometimes works with FO4.  I can occasionally break out of this by using a one of the workbenches for a few seconds.


But when this does happen to me, going back to the last save, where it wasn't happening - solves it.


I would be interested in the actual solution (and cause) though.

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Yeah it happens to me when I'm messing around with TFC and looksmenu at the same time.  I'm usually doing this for screen shots and such - and them BAM, stuck camera.  Sometimes I can't even ready an equipped weapon.  Bizarre engine stuff - I have noted that saving this state does make the issue persist across game sessions when using that "bad" save file.  


I haven't yet found a way, other than going back to a previous save, which reverts the setting and allows normal controls again.

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