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wicked whims - text doesnt appear

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okay so my game has all the updates and when i installed the new version of wicked whims i deleted what was old. the mod works but there are some actions where the text doesnt show up and i dont think i have a mod that conflicts with ww

does someone know why it happens and how to solve this? i have already tried reinstalling this and i still have the problem

(also my game is in english so i dont need a translation for text)




(it isnt the only place where text isnt visible)


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When you say "you don't think you have mods that conflict" are you sure? 

It would most likely be another script mod that needs to be updated/removed. UI cheat extension/MCCC/Basemental/murder mod/magic mod these are just the examples I can think of.

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I don't know what the issue could be, you could always try removing the Extreem Violence mod and see if it works without. Just because it didn't conflict before doesn't mean it wont ever have conflicts, especially after an EA update.

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