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[Search] What armor mod is this? (Heavy (?) Armor Pants)

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Hey guys. I allways were searching for a armor mod with a trousers armor piece, but heavy armor.

I saw a stream on twitch where i saw this



the stream was in korean, so i sadly couldn't ask. I hope someone here maybe knows from wich armor these chainmal (?) trousers are. The other pieces are from the glorious bikini world mod i know, but i really are desperate for the pants here.


Hope someone can help and thanks in advance!!

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15 minutes ago, tlrd said:

There from the Elvern armor set from Bikini Ascend. 

Oh wow, that was quick! :smiley: Thank you very much, i didn't know about more of nise's work!!

A bit sad it isn't a heavy leggins, but more bikini armor!!

Again thank you very much

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