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BEL New vegas breast size issues, help!


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just figured out instead of expanding, breast size of character actually shrinks to 0 and console command also says 'BEL your size 0 boobies are ready for squeezing', also auto upper wear removal after excessive growth does not function at all.

i did installed bodymorph and quickly uninstalled it after realizing they collides real bad, is this may be the problem or is there some conflict with sexout spunk mod?

they have some kinda issues with spunk scripts 'xx070256' and 'xx070257',

most logs are 'Invalid array access- the array was not initialized.0'

'Operator failed to evaluate to a valid result'

'An expression failed to evaluate to a valid result'

and most of all, 'File: sexoutspunk.esp Offset:0x05A5 command: ar_size


is the ar size means breast size? i need your input real bad.

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