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SexLab SEX Scene dont work on Skyrim SE - PLEASE HELP

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Hello people,


Thought you might help me. I am using SexLab Light SE on Skyrim Special Edition( with SKSE64 2.0.6 fel 55. I tried multiple Versions of Immersive First Person(It sayd that it would work on Skyrim SE as its only a plugin but who knows) also installed ifpssl_1.1 which works but it doesnt do anything. My guess is that the actual Immersive First Person doesnt work as none of the Keybindings to activate that script or reload or set IFPV mode doesnt work either. I do run the SKSE Launcher as Administrator and tried many other things. Basically when I go into sex scene I dont look through the eyes of the person, but the camera is stuck at the eyes height and you can just look around. All other scripts that I wanted works perfectly, just cant get into first person mode. Also i dont even see my body when I look down. I will Include Pictures with the list of Mods Im using and Plugins. Any help would really help. Iw been trying to get it working like 5 days now.


P.S. Also tried that Joy Of Perspective and I see my body and everything and it kinda works but what I wanted is FPV in sex scenes.


Will also include picture in what I see in game and how is my FPV in a sex scene.


Thank You










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