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Hey all,


I'm new here and I wanted to do a fresh game in VR with all the realistic dangerous that should be in a post apocolypse and that also means sex and rape.. i mean, items VR!


Now to get some things to work it needs P4SE which according to my game works.. even though I can't see it in my settings. But the major thing I want to work is MCM. I need MCM to change some settings in RSE, I dont know how to do it otherwise.


Though ive read somewhere that MCM isnt compatible with VR (yet?) But I might have an idea.


What if I start it up in regular Fallout 4 and adjust the settings to my liking and copy paste the files from the regular FO4 folder to my FO4 VR folder, will this work?


If not - does someone has another solution?


Many thanks in advance,


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