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CK - Export Sounds to Ba2 - (solved)


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The title says it all.


1) I create a sound descriptor, pointing to a WAV file.

2) I use it in game, test it, it works fine in a holotape.

3) I export the sounds to a BA2 file, either using CK or Archive2.exe (with and without compression)

4) No sounds play in game when I remove the original wav files, it does NOT fall back to the Ba2 archive.


I did everything I could think of, and found only one person with a similar issue here: https://www.reddit.com/r/FalloutMods/comments/4pky7m/fo4ck_weather_sounds_wont_play_from_within_a_ba2/


But their fix did not help. Attached the ESP and BA2 file.


To test, type 'help darryl 0' and spawn one of the four holotapes, then play them.


Question: How do you succesfully export sound files using the CK so that they work in game?

Everything works just fine until I export to BA2... What am I missing?




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I solved this after some hours of fiddling by doing the following:


- Converted the wav files manually to XWM using MultiXWM.

- Used the Archive2 tool to pack these XWM files (in place of the wav files) and turned off compression in the settings menu of the tool.

- Stored the package as 'Fo4Lore - Main.ba2'

- Tested on a CLEAN save (turns out my save game somehow doesn't want to play the packed files, so that took me an hour or two before I figured that out).

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