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Aela attacks in slow motion


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This has been really bugging me for a while now, as everything worked just fine until a few days ago when the problem appeared and I can't think of what's causing it. Even more confusingly I'm sure I saw it briefly go away only to return later.


My issue is essentially that as a companion Aela performs all attacks with super slow attack speeds as if she was operating in slow motion. This means over 10s bow reloads and bullet time sword swings.


I use UFO to mod my companions but strangely Aela is the only one I've spotted having this problem, and like I said earlier, it wasn't there from the beginning. I've tried to fix the problem with CK but it doesn't seem like there is even a way to modify NPC attack speeds (you can only modify the weapons themselves but they work fine on all other actors).


I'm really just looking for educated guesses about what could possibly cause this kind of behaviour and how to fix it.

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