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fallout 4 kidnapping guide


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OK have you ever wanted to kidnap people(women) from diamond city, or have your pick of the raider cuties(raiderettes)?

Well there is a mod for that, now be warned there are a couple of hazards to kidnapping npc's, it can screw up your game if you need them for a quest later, also you can make your save game unstable by undressing certain NPCS permanently.

Also some NPCS will return to their normal routines after awhile, but so far any changes I made to their wardrobe sticks.

One more note, make sure your companion has a non lethal weapon in their hands so they don't kill your target, its also nice when we run across raiders after we knock all of them out I can go and kidnap any cute raiderettes and kill anyone I don't want to kidnap, there is an option in the interact menu to kill them and it does one of a couple of actions from stabbing them to kicking their head into pieces. Or I could just take their women and let them wake up hours later, they respawn anyway.

Also one problem is you cant give your companion a kidnapped person to hold, it just falls right out of their inventory and even if you could take the weight it will only let you kidnap one person at a time. Wish it had handcuffs or something else I could restrain the people, then I could drag one someplace hidden and cuff them so I can  come and get them later.


Mods you will need.

Non Lethal Framwork(nexus)

Non Lethal Armory(nexus) 

killable children(if you want to kidnap children, also nexus)


Mods you will find helpful.


Grenades Syringer Rifles and Ammo plus Chemistry Pack(nexus)


Weapons that I have used so far(all the mods are from Non Lethal Armory)

laser with Enervating Capacitors

45 sub-machine gun with a Pummeling drum

combat shotgun with a riot barrel

kingsman pistol from the syringer rifle mod(not essential but comes in handy),


My first target was the stupid raider bitch who tries to get you to go into the ambush near diamond city.

Followed her voice and then snuck up behind her and hit her with the laser, she was down pretty quickly, went up to her and interacted and got this new menu and one of the options is kidnap, which packs her into a bag and slings it across your back and it only weighs 45 pounds for some reason.

Fast traveled to where I wanted to have her, go some place inside (using locksmith to lock the door is helpful) and then unloaded the sack which turns into her body laying on the ground, if you interact with her and wake her up she will get hostile and try to attack you, its wiser to use the search option first and remove her weapons and clothes but be sure to give her something sexy to wear because if you don't give her any clothes it makes the game unstable, only way I fixed it was to give her something sexy to wear.

Not all NPC's are like that, some you can have run around naked with no problems.

But before you wake her up, turn off her aggression and make her part of your faction, then she wont freak out when you wake her up, you don't have to do this with people that normally aren't hostile to you but its not a bad idea, maybe a good idea to remove from all factions before adding them to yours. Also eventually she will disappear.


Went back to diamond city proper and found this cute blond wandering around, well she goes to smoke a cig right next to the basement entrance to fallons, well I got down in the stairway and crouched waited till it said I was hidden and used vats, targeted her head and let go, I knocked her out but the damn thing isn't suppressed so it made the guards start shooting me.

That's when I went and made the submachine gun mod.


Well then I remembered Geneva and it was at night, I went to the mayors office found her bedroom and locked the door after I went inside. I was going to use the submachine gun mod but I forgot to get any rubber bullets for it, so I decided to see if my hand to hand could knock her out in vats, so I couched and targeted her head, well it almost worked, and I thought she was going to alert the guards, but she glitched out I guess because of the locked door, she pulled her gun and ran to the opposite side of the room, but didn't speak or shoot me.

I ran after her and hit her once or twice more and she was down and no one was the wiser, I put her in her marriage bag(LOL) and walked out right past the guards, in fact used the elevator to make a quick escape.

Then took her home and did the usual outlined before, she looked really good in her sexy clothes.


Well I went to the back area where they do the farming and people sleep on mattresses, well this woman was just standing there and everyone else was asleep so I pulled about the submachine gun and did vats again targeted her head and fired away.

Well it wasn't quit enough to knock her out and she started yelling before I could knock her out with a couple of more shots.

I think if i had more action points in vats I could have used it effectively. 


So I loaded a save game and went and made the combat shotgun riot barrel and a couple of other mods for other guns, then went back to that same area on the back side. The standing woman was gone, but I noticed a couple sleeping on the same mattress, so I tried to get her without waking him.

First I went to the side of the mattresses crouched down, waited till I was hidden and then did two shots in vats to her head with the bean bag rounds, the first shot knocked her out cold but the second shot woke up her man who started yelling for the guards. 

Reloaded from save game and tried again, this time I shot from the head of the bead point blank on her head in vats, with just one shot. It was enough to knock her out and didn't wake him up. Took her home via the way I explained above but didn't have to turn off her hostility, she just woke up someplace different in sexy clothes.



Darcy Pembroke was easy, accept her quest then follow her home, get behind her, crouch till you are hidden and hit her in the head in vats with a beanbag round from the shotgun, then just take her home.


Figured out you had to have the killable children mod turned on, then you can stun them and kidnap them, no not a p3d0 or anything just felt bad about separating Darcy from her son, so I decided to kidnap him as well.

Its easy and this works for kidnapping people in general, find a dark spot in the alleys that you can hide, then wait for the security in the area to come by, hit them with the kingsmen pistol, its nice because it only takes one shot and it knocks them out cold from a pretty good distance(does not work with the non lethal framework yet so you wont be able to kidnap anyone you knock out with the kingsman pistol), then once all the security are out cold wait for your target and hit them in the head while crouching from behind in vats with a beanbag round from the shotgun, they go down and run over, hit interact and kidnap them.

Then get the hell out of there before the guards wake up!

When I did this it didn't make the diamond city guards hostile although I got out of the city before they woke up and fast traveled home, then I reunited him with his mom, but he has to see her walk around in sexy clothes all day, oh well at least they are together!



One problem with kidnapped NPCs is that most of the time they stop speaking, usually right away although some of them of speak for a little while but when the day changes or enough time passes they stop speaking.

If anyone has a fix for this please post it!

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Also been thinking, kidnapping someone in the game should have ramifications.

Like in diamond city, publick occurences should report on it, and there should be a chance either nick valentine gets involved and next time you see him he asks you to help him with a case, or the diamond city security turn hostile because they figured it out some how

Would be a pretty cool addon for the non lethal framework. It would be a real mind f-ck if you are working with valentine and he doesn't know you are the kidnapper, not yet at first, there will be a way for him to figure it out, either chance or you pick the wrong options.

Also there should always be a very small chance someone saw you and after you leave the tell the local authority so when you come back they attack you, maybe even a couple of extra dialogue lines like "what did you do with them?!" and other such things.

Same with raiders, except maybe if one of the raiders saw you run off with one their women they go looking for you and become a random encounter, maybe a side quest to stop the attacks is to hunt down and kill the leader of the raider gang.

I don't think it would take much to do other than the voice acting. what do you guys think?

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I dont know, I follow this step by step and it does nothing you mention. There is no customable NCP menu only the basic knockout. Can you describe this better? where is the customable NCP menu? how do I make it change faction, where do I select all that stuff?


thank you

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