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[Request or Mod idea] Sexual Promiscuity mod?

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I wonder if there's a mod out there that allows for your character being sexually promiscuous as in engaging in consensual sex with majority of the NPCs in the game especially your companions? Since so far I from what I heard that Skyrim "has to offer" don't really like the rape, capture, enslavement and marrying to one partner just to have sex which sounds problematic.


For those who played Fallout New Vegas, there was a mod called "Humping the Mojave" where you could pretty much have sex with majority of the NPCs in the game without forming any romantic relationships with them and all you had to say was "Wanna discount?" and I wish there was the same for Skyrim.



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MODS which will NOT interfere with the main game (except where noted)


1.  Sexlab Eager NPCs(SLEN) is an incredible mod (i never leave home without it now).  Does much more than just offer/honor all night long ;)  Even has a nice little quest line with it for a cool place to hang with Dibella's finest (that place is filled with <cough>horny<cough> dibella priestesses and priests.  Somebody always getting busy down in there).  And an aedric object which gets more powerful the more you, well, fuck.  That object in the hands of a nymphomaniac is devastating!  Excellent way to cap Speech, also. 

SLEN rocks!


And OMG, get a lover(any one of dozens, none of which I ever marry, LOL) to organize a special party in your honor!  You pick the time, place, and guest list (my vamp chick loves using Harkon's Castle for it, BUT leaves ole Blue Balls Harkon off the list!  He stands on his balcony, sad faced, and watches though, almost having a premonition Serana("the little minx") and I are about to wax his evil arse).  Your lover sends out the invitations, hires the servers, cooks, bartenders, and carriage drivers.  You simply show up at the proper time and do the meet and greet over drinks and hors d'oeuvres, before all hell breaks loose (please dress nicely before getting full on starkers).  Can send out invites for up to 24.  But the servers tend to jump in too, so expect up to 40/50 folks squaring off in 2s, 3s, 4s, and 5s times way too many groups.  Parties tend to break up at 6am  (if you have a low to mid graphics card better stay under 12 invitees).  SLEN HIDDEN BONUS: can ask the Companions for a little something-something in werewolf form.  I tend to grab the brothers and go on weekend <cough>hunting<cough> trips (using Hunterborn+Campfire it's a real hunting trip, as we make great money from pelts/hides before, well, you know, business before pleasure or some such daft shit).  Also have a same sex thing going hot and heavy with Aela, lol.  That tribal thing she has going on is too hard to pass up (Bijin Warmaidens ftw)!


(Note: for parties, I like to get the Northern Cardinal ship mod (either black flagged or not), and put extra static lights on the docks, around the edge of the deck, up the stairs to the harbor road, and around the harbor bar across the street (using the Candles and Lanterns mod, as the guests all walk to/from the road by the Harbor Tavern where the carriages drop them off).  Then set party time for a midnight start (keep the Cardinal in Solitude or it will mess things up.  Can sail out AFTER the party).  Wow!  Can you say #TheRealLoveBoat?  If you do it on deck, expect more stragglers to jump in, almost guaranteeing a CTD if you go full on 24.  I tend to get all the Jarls to attend, btw, so don't be shy, but try not to invite any frost trolls you may have a thing for (joking, lol).  It 's very bad if a frost troll decides to go anal on poor ole Elisif (i like the Toccata as Elisif mod for her.  And tend to pull her off to the Captain's Cabin for some special one on one heart to hearts, as the group stuff doesn't pull us in unless we force it.  And what happens on the Love Boat, stays on the Love Boat!)  If a troll takes anal liberties with her, she probably won't attend the next one, and somehow your troll bud won't be around anymore either (rumor has it he ain't dead or in jail/zoo or a member of the circus, either).  <wink, nod, lmao>)


SLEN also let's us gain Lover's Comfort without getting married.  A decided plus for those of us who disdain marriage, lol.  I can get that in every port where I land now.   NO need for Mara's approval.  Just a good lover or 2 or 50, and wake up with some tasty morning delight to start the day.  May turn into a gangbang though if you have many lovers in that port, lol.  Get Bathing in Skyrim though, as you may get pretty sticky/smelly during the day, lol.  And I don't mean from riding horses, one way or the other, all day either.  But that's a good reason to get it too!


And it's plum packed with much, much more!  Kill a dragon, shyt's on!  Drop one in the town center and O-M-G! Clear a dungeon, check.  Don't wanna pay full price for training?  Well lookee here...




2. TDF Prostitution is also a great mod, as it covers from being a lowlife hooker on the docks, downing BJs to sailors for 20 septims a throw, to managing a vast empire of court lads and ladies, willing to serve Skyrim, for the right price, of course (note: make sure not to recruit essential NPCs as your hookers).  And the right price for 4 stables of nicely cleaned up courtesans, in every major jarl's court, these days can amount to over a 1MM septims a month (game time).  Lots of work/training/base expenses getting there though.  But if all the money isn't enough reward, the pole dance(DancePoleAddon mod) will surely do (plus, it's just sexy as hell if you set the strip option for dancing)!  That dance can also get you out of almost every UI/camera pickle Skyrim can fart out (except the infamous gamebryo spinning, spinning, spinning bug).  TDF-pro: With visions of Little Finger dancing through our heads!  Going from stink finger to Little Finger in 30 days or bust!  Just stick to giving, not losing your, head though, and all is well.  (note: Game of Thrones reference)

3. TDF Aroused Rape for random encounters! (plus adds lots of "brawl" potential)


TDF-AR is hot if you want people to come at you bro/sis, without having to fiddle around with spells/convo/keypresses or other such hijinx.  "Your pussy(cock) or your life!"  Can respond to their force greets with 3 main strategies; flatbacking, brawling, or backing them down with dirty looks (intimidation check, but if it fails you be fucked).  If you're naked, expect lots of <unwanted or not> attention.  BUT, if you're dressed in a nun's habit, when folks get horny enough, drunk enough, stupid enough, well, they're coming for you.  Several times now, I've had to do the Benny Hill thing with an angry mob on my tail, running through the streets of Markarth (also have Scent of Sex rules set up there  with a range of rules named "City of Rape:xxx".  Also have a "City of Torture:xxx" set up in a different place, but you asked about promiscuous, not Fifty Shades of Skyrim).  My newest toon is a street urchin; she bones the cute ones (after kicking their ass), beats the crap out of the ugly/nasty ones (then pees on them), and scares the daylights out of the pathetic/weak ones ("be gone fool").  LOL.  Get the Tavern Clothes (from vanilla game), Victoria's (high) Imperial Sandals, the golden Kaws Claws, and set the dress to revealing (counts as naked), sit back, and watch the S&Gs begin! {or assassinate the Emperor's cousin and lift her wedding sandals from her dead body.  Those are hot with long dresses)


Best up your unarmed skill first though, LOL.  If you can punch (Unarmed Helper mod is your daisy, plus a bunch of unarmed killmove mods), and have the Pee and Fart (has a whole "needs" system) or Puppetmaster(lightweight approach, just let it rip) mods, you can also pee (or worse) on them when they're down and sucking wind.  Nothing like a little trickle down theory on a nasty arsed rapist when they're down for the count.  "I want to pump that dreamy butt, or you die!"  "Not my butt, pal" <2-3 knuckle sammichs and a spinning cartwheel back kick, then peeing...still peeing> (note: For my females, I use Puppet Master; then disable all puppet features, and set female urination to "naked, standing".  2 quick clicks and let it rip!).  Warning:  make sure the guards don't see you doing watersports, or it's the pokey for you boy/girl, lol.  And yes, there is a prison overhaul mod which takes Skyrim jail time to a whole new level of OMG!  But you would need to go full tilt 50 Shades of Skyrim for that deal.


{note: if you add in the Skooma Whore mod (get the SkyrimLL Obscure Patches mod to make it work correctly), they drug you after raping you, not before.  And OMG, you will soon be tripping your ass off (covered in their psychedelic goo if you add in something like SL Cumshot).  Warning: when you become a full on Stage 5 junkie, can't do squat in combat until you cure your addictions (SW adds cure potions but they are expensive.  See TDF Prostitution for funds).  SW also adds in depraved Skooma Dens hidden underneath all the major cities.  Can turn cheap tricks for sailors, farmers, beggars and bums to get more nasty drugs for your jones,  when you get knocked down far enough.  You can literally just lay around in the den, bare-assed nekkid, smoking weed or skooma, and they come to you for hand jobs, footjobs, BJs, anal, straight fucks, and gawd only knows what else the pervs may want. 


But you is now a skooma whore and don't care what pervy desires they have as long as you can fill your pipe, again and again and again.  Call it "Skyrim on the Down Low".  Way to fuck down low, lol.  I call it prime motivation for getting my unarmed skills high, or lay down in squalor and get fucked without lifting a finger.   Add in the SL Stories mod and there's a HUGE surprise waiting for you upstairs above the Windhelm skooma den (Stones, "she took me upstairs for a ride").  Will even give you tips on being a better whore.  Lila, L-I-L-A, Lila.  Think of a song like that, and there's your clue... <cough>Lola<cough>}.


{note2:  make damned sure you have the Modern Brawl Bug Fix mod in place before trying this, or it can turn into mortal combat toot skippy, "And they will have swords and armor, while you have, well, your johnson in your hand and a frown on your face, nothing else".  Several mods already have MBBF embedded in them (most Enai Siaion mods have it built in); but to be safe, get the mod, install/load it near the bottom, and become a prized fighting champion!}


{note3: I use this mod mainly for the brawling action, as it is a greatly underutilized feature of the game.  Sad, really.  In a place like Skyrim, brawling would seem to be a daily feature of life, like eating and drinking, and drinking more, and balling, and well, brawling.  TDF-AR makes this fully possible, especially if you set the arousal thresholds low, or to fit your own taste for brawling or fucking.  Can also adjust the thresholds for when you want none of that happening in game, due to questing etc.}




4. Get Gangbanged! is a simple little mod which is perfect for those times when you get stupid drunk in taverns and offer to "do" the whole bar; right here, right now, let's go!  LOL, train style.  All aboard!  They won't care if you're drunk on your ass or not; in Skyrim, a contract is a contract and you did offer.  So don't complain when all night long it's honor/offer.  Get the Bathing in Skyrim mod too, you will need that.  And might I recommend the lavender soap and this card for Skyrim AA?  Before I ever get that fucked up and make a stupid contract offer like that, I like to blaze up with a fatty courtesy of Cannabis Skyrim (has many fine buds to choose from, all done up in lovely 4K textures.  And Gandalf's longpipe!).  Besides, when city life gets too shitty, I like to grow my own, somewhere peaceful and serene, like Clearspring Tarn (Serene Beauty!), high up in the mountains with my 2 hunter buds (getting naked and sexy in the clear springs while my plants grow, ummm umm ummm.  Build a shoreline fire, cook up some good eats, and all night long, let there be dancin the night away, underwater!  Skinny dipping with my friends.  Note: "quickies" are well advised when underwater sexing!).  Growing my own bud for fun and profit!  Makes city life more tolerable, lol.  (GGB Warning: be careful where you use this, because if one of the "dancers" dies, the others are too polite to jump the line, and will follow you around F-O-R-E-V-E-R, waiting for their turn, I suppose.  Even if drunk on your ass, best save before offering).  GGB Home Companion:


There is a well kept secret in Whiterun where Arcadia over at the Cauldron will pay you for being promiscuous, without being a hooker. 

Pearl Juice! adds in a fixed up backroom at Arcadia's with a machine which removes the semen from your body and pays you for the goo!  Like the blood bank, only different.  Works well with street life toons struggling to get by.  Get drunk, offer to do the whole bar, then head over to the Cauldron for some pay.  Be careful going into guard barracks though!  Warning: be very careful with it though, because if you turn ON the faction options, it will break the vanilla game!  {some of Arcadia's "special assignments" may freak you out though, LOL}


5. Sexist and Derogatory Guards, et al can put a more sexual context in NPC comments if we want to set a more "sexual" tone and feel to the game, based on the time period in question.  Some neanderthal sexist stuff, mixed in with dim comments about our tits, ass, and what the speaker would love to do with us, or in us.  Beats the crap out of the bland vanilla pablum(some of the Narrator lines are hysterical, actually, and can get quite context specific to what we're currently doing in game.  Lots of "break the 4th wall" commentary too); BUT only if the sexist crap doesn't bother us.  {note: a while back, my little fava bean got defeated by a 2 frost trolls, who proceeded to gang-rape her brains out, face down in the snow.  She turned to the camera and said; "Are you just gonna sit there, enjoying yourself, while these disgusting things do this to me, or are you gonna help me, or not?"}


{Sexist BS makes me ninja kill lots of douche wagon guards at night. High stealth means: No bounty!  No cry!  Get the Ordinator mod (perk overhaul+) to really flesh this part of the game out fully.  Laughing Ghost on a foul mouth guard, after midnight, so satisfying!  I tend to give the bastard a down-n-dirty BJ first, then go into sneak while he congratulates himself, doubled over laughing at us; then BOOM!  Flash/stab a dagger through his brain pan, starting from 20meters away.  Done and done.  Be kind and dispose of all dead bodies properly, please, in the name of keeping Skyrim's streets clean.  Or swipe his armor and leave him there with his undies down around his ankles, and a frozen smile left on his dead face, lol.  "Here lies Guard Johnson, a real dimwit, if Skyrim ever had one.  He died with his pants down and a stupid smile frozen forever on his ugly face.  He will not be missed".  No bounty!  No cry!}


And Fifty Shades of Skyrim is real too, but you didn't ask.  {"ooh, baby, baby, it's bound world!  And it's hard to get by without restraints now".  Wild World! Or, "Shout, shout, shout, shout.  Hey-a, a, hey-a.  Shout, shout, shout! Like a Virgin!"  LOL, my little fava bean is a virgin, 10 times over!  Shout!}


And Creature Features are real too, but you didn't ask.  {Untamed and Animal Mansion (MyBrainHurts version) are both well done takes on it.  "Doctor, doctor, give me the news, my dog won't hunt and he's oh so blue.  He's got a bad case of loving YOU!"  Doctor! Doctor!}

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