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Modern Firearms 2.5-1.4 No Leveled List plugin ?

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Does anyone have a MF plugin without leveled list ? Even with a Bashed Patch the mod is monopolizing the NPCs inventories, everybody in the Commonwealth is using stuff added by MF, so I tried to edit the plugin but the mod adds way too much stuff and I'm a little bit unsure about what I can and what I can't remove without breaking something, and if I can't remove the freakin' leveled list I'm gonna remove this mod from my game, permanently.

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That mod makes a lot of direct LL changes.  Unfortunately, it doesn't use a script to do it, it's changes are in the ESP.  If you wanted to change them though, you can do this with FO4Edit.  Just load up the .ESP, expand the Leveled Item category for the 'Modern Firearms.esp' and make any edits you felt necessary.


Optionally - you should be able to just delete all of the leveled list entries as it does not appear any scripts are related tot them.  This would have the effect of completely removing the weapons, ammo, and attachments from the game, unless you crafted them yourself.


This is a reasonably complex weapons addition mod though - removing the LL's may have adverse affects on anything that called them.  But worst case is that "boss" npc etc, would spawn without a gun, if they were using an exclusive LL provided by this mod.


Best bet would be to look through the LL's that show up yellow/green in FO4Edit - these are vanilla LLs and have had edits made to them.  You can pretty safely just remove the rows form this mod on those LLs.


That all being said - to your direct question, I don't see a mod out there that does this kind of edit for you.

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True, that work a lot better, but the people behind MF/MS just put everything that is LL related in the plugin. I've managed to remove everything, including their NPC edits, like the weapons they added to all companions and whatnot.

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I can share the edited plugin but there is only one problem, you won't find any weapons to buy or loot, you'll have to add the ones you want using the console or making a bat file to add them to your inventory. I've made a bat file for me, with the ones I like the most, like the AR-15, SCAR-L, G36, MP7, UMP, AUG A3...etc.


Modern Firearms edited esp.rar


P.S.: I completely forgot about something, my edited plugin has 2 other dependencies, AWKCR and RAO, so you need to have those 2 mods installed otherwise your game will crash.

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