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Skyrim/Skyrim Special Edition - Create A Custom-Made New Power?


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I'd like to enter in the modding industry, I am not looking to make insanely difficult/hard things, but I may try to do so in the future if things start decent for me.


My knowledge on modding is absolutely, totally, certainly a huge 0. That means, I am more useless than probably anyone around here on this forum, and I apologize for that.


But, I want to create something. At least once in my whole life, and certainly, I would want it to be original, meaning, I don't want to use the vanilla assets from CK to make something like copy/paste and just change name, id name, attributes, "release it for everyone" and be like "Oh, you know, this is my work, respect it, blah blah blah". 


I want to make something big, flashy, with explosions and colors, a power in that case, that makes a huge explosion on the center of the enemy, and it's gonna be insanely OP and very eyecandy but not like ruining the performance of the game. 


Is there any chance, for someone useless like me, to make something like that? 


My PC specs are : 


CPU : 3.2 GHz

GPU : 970 EVGA

Mob : AsRock z87 extreme4

RAM : 8GB single-channel DD3



Again, I have absolute zero knowledge and even if i try to study a guide I'll get more confused with all the extra pointers, I just want to create a power ability, is it possible for someone like me? Or should I completely stop even thinking about it due to it being ultra hard to understand and create something like that in the first place? Please, be honest, even brutally honest. I'd really appreciate it. 

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