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need original lover files

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I am looking for the original lover files, I mean the japanese verison for one of my friends, he is doing some translation works....


some the files I am still looking for is


TamagoBreak v1.04


TamagoNews v1.02


TamagoConfide v1.03


TamagoShop v1.01


if anyone has these, it would be a great help, thx

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Try all of the links for the different plugins. Some of them will take you to a particular depository of several different versions of that mod as well as other mods for lovers. It is a pain but that is how we found some updated links back when megaupload died (when they still had many of the links pointing to it).

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Here is where we get all the latest Japanese versions that we translate into English: http://wiki.livedoor.jp/oblivion_jp/d/Lovers%b4%d8%cf%a2MOD%b0%ec%cd%f7#content_6


thx' date=' but my friend and I have already checked that, the DL link is dead, that's why I asked for those files



When the link of TamagoClub.esm of the site of LL of Japan is clicked, all things which it looks for are found.

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