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Mermaid Gown


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I have a new project. I want to make a red-carpet style mermaid gown. If you look at the pic, I am thinking the love-child of the red and white ones. You can see my very very early stage model. I am thinking about the train. I am thinking I will probably want to consider how the train is going to work now, rather than try to hatchet it in after I have finished the model. Ideally I would like to do it in ncloth, make it properly dynamic. I don't think Skyrim will support this though. Does it? Does anyone know? Otherwise it will be HDT, or I could just animate it with a few set "swishes" but that is ... I want collision. Anyone know stuff about cloth dynamics? Are there any other options? Have a havoc physics/hdt physics tutorial they can link? Know of any specific model requirements to make this work well? Know if I can use ncloth?

mermaid dress.png

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I am dreading the weight paint. It has to have a train tho. An incredible folded, gathered, show-stopping train. If I just wanted to do a sheath I would be done already. That isn't any fun. And I like weight painting. .... .... ok no I don't. No one likes weight painting. I have never tried to paint something like this though ... I am sure that will make me love painting, right?

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