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Save Game Problem?


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2 hours ago, uzuncocuk said:

Hello; after adding sexlab to the game, save files do not open. What could be the problem?

Before seeking help in this thread about Sexlab, perhaps should you read the thread Sexlab Troubleshooting & Support Guide first.



If you haven't read this guide yet, please be aware that Sexlab doesn't work on a pirated version of the game. I tell you this only for info, do not take it badly, so as not to waste time.



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personally i use MO for my setup and i figured out script extender tends to need to be uninstalled and reinstalled every once in a while because my skse application went from a few kilobytes to 196GB over a year and 9 months, because of that my game was giving me issues like an average of 10fps and i don't use Enb or anything like that as well as having issues saving and running until i uninstalled and reinstalled skse, then my game started working again even better than it did before. now i get an average of 60 to 102fps in like riften or spawning 20 giants which is less laggy than 10 bandit cheifs.

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