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  1. Agony unlimited on Steam is very low priced to down load at the moment. Hell, it is very scary Horror. Just started playing it. Wondering if can be modded.
  2. Any one know when Sony Horizon Dawn PC release date is?. I have learnt it's it may be released soon this summer. Horizon Dawn 2 is also being released for PS4 near about the same time.
  3. Is it possible to mod Skyrim Camera to Fallout 4. I do not have the tools to do it. So much better than F04 camera. Just wondering.
  4. I kind of not using a firewall. Just deleted steam completely, re-installed, client boot strapper failing.
  5. Steam today being 3110219 carried out an update. Now I can not connect. I can't even get app to open. Any one else having same problem?. Always report on here as steam can be a bit funny with you when you complain a bit.
  6. Why is it that I can not get all the sex mods working ?. Yet I down load the German Asex mod, works no problem. Spent three days now messing about to no end since re installing fallout 4 and re installing Vortex. Pc cleaned completely.
  7. Getting same error. Thought at first it was my net.
  8. try (Pah and you get a slave or defeated slave) .That should lead you to the mods where the player can have slaves. Alternatively you can turn followers in to slaves using Devious mods, Tattoo mods.
  9. After messing about for nearly a year including using my redundant 16 or is it 8 cores (can't remember) cores in my CPU and 4 redundant cores in my Nvidia 4G1050i..... More than amply to run 64bit games. I have now found the culprit to my consistent stutter extremely slow frame rate impossible to play any 64-bit game all run slowly to a dead stop. The CULPRIT IS .... wait for it ............ HIGH-RESOLUTION PACK ..... downloaded with Fallout 4 as an Option via Bethesda.
  10. Check for trackers they are a real pain!. They are known to cause CTD's freezes. Update drivers I was getting CTD's due to a bad install. Just had a CTD a few minutes ago. Thought I had fixed problem. think Nvidia having driver fault as it been happening since I updated my drivers. Try using Vortex see if that works better. Had corrupted Adobe file did not help. Did not know till Avg found it. Sometimes it is windows that at fault. The biggest culprit is a trackers.
  11. Use TESEdit to check world space errors. Apply filter not filter for cleaning. Check, tick world space. check for errors. Find mods that conflict. check for different Id locations check that both mods check to the same ID. Should fix your CTD problem. Modders use different id when making mods. The game does a wobbly as it does not know which ID to load.
  12. Who' fed up with all the trackers on the world wide web...I mean you surf the net come off to start a game; ie Skyrim only for the game to freeze up...So you have to clean your system to then play the game... I have recorded as many as one thousand seven hundred trackers... Via surfing the net are these tracker people mad as hatters or something. I clean my system with CCleaner free to clean this so numerous trackers. They cause slowdowns, freezes and the odd CTD while gaming.
  13. Move Alternate start to bottom of load order. Down load TS5Edit from Nexus Mods. Un- zip with https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrimspecialedition/mods/164. Go to data , open data crate a file called SSEEdit. Un-zip mod. Copy file in opened mod to your new created file in Data. You will see An icon click on it and run program. Now here comes the more difficult part. Open skyrim- esm . You should see a list of skyrim. Look for markath. What you are looking for is world space. This is most probably where your fault is. There is more than likely a conflict with one of your mods with world space and skyrim world space. Run apply filter. Next go to the bottom of your all your mods . Select all mods DLC's and skyrim so your list is now blue. Run check for errors. may take awhile you may see edit not responding take no notice, just let edit do its thing. Once done you can . Takes some time, look for any conflicts in world space. Once you know which mods is at fault close edit and rerun only click dlc's skyrim and the mod. look for apply filter. What you look are looking for is world space . A few programs will pop up. Look for world space. run apply filter for cleaning. Run remove identical to masters. Run Un-delete and disable references . click very top tab to close a box should come up save to . click ok. re-run edit again with mod dlc's skyrim error should now be gone. You tube have some very good vids on this problem. This is the way I fix this kind of problem. Loot may help https://loot.github.io/. FNIS. https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrimspecialedition/mods/3038.
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