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Plugs of the Commonwealth -translation CN

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“Plugs of the Commonwealth 112 by darkconsole”that I like it very much, I was amazed at his good ideas, especially Fusion Core (grants Dual Core) and Feather Duster (grants Dusting For Prints).

I used 57 NAVI and 58 ,this two Plug.But I found that if 57Fusion Core NAVI and 58Fusion Core are used at the same time, BUG will appear.Both 57Fusion Core NAVI and 58Fusion Core will disappear.But the use of 57Fusion Core NAVI  and other things will only show the other things. I really expect the author to have such an update, for example.One of the Dual Core can be inserted in the front.


When I failed many times, I gave up doing this. Well, I admit I won't. And I hope that the darkconsole can have more Plugs likeNuclear coke can improve your properties,Mini bomb can explode when you die, etc.. I love this MOD so much that I learn how to translate it.
On this, the translation of simplified Chinese.

Usage method:
1. download the original author's file.The address is here:https://www.loverslab.com/files/file/2664-plugs-of-the-commonwealth/
2. download my file replacement


My English is not very good, thanks to the great Internet translation, so that many people of different languages can communicate together and welcome everyone to communicate.

Plugs of the Commonwealth -translation CN by Zssqxs.zip

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