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Requesting help in editing script (nioverride)


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Hi, im trying to change this script from

applying random nioverride data to the target npc

to instead get nioverride data from the source npc and copy it onto the target npc.


Scriptname RPNodes Hidden

import NiOverride

bool Function transferNode(Actor source, Actor target) Global
    float mag = GetNodeTransformScale(source, false, true, "NPC L Breast", "RandomPatches")
    If mag != 0
            AddNodeTransformScale(target, false, true, "NPC L Breast", "RandomPatches", mag)
        AddNodeTransformScale(target, false, true, "NPC R Breast", "RandomPatches", mag)

        UpdateNodeTransform(target, false, true, "NPC L Breast")
        UpdateNodeTransform(target, false, true, "NPC R Breast")
        return true
        return false

Would be really appreciative if someone can let me know how it should be done? (have very basic scripting ability)

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