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Where to post comics ?


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Hi hi !! 


I have a question ! 

I'm not sure I'm posting it in the right forum. And if I made a mistake, sorry about that :tongue: 


I used to make comics a while ago on Garry's mod. I was pretty good at it and I wanted to make an adulte one with skyrim (which is not super easy since skyrim is not simple to work with) ^^


I was wondering where would be the best place to share my work once I'm finished ? 

Here on loverslab ? I've only saw the 270 pages thread of pictures with just screen shot. 

Or should I create a new topic ? But on which sub forum ? 


Or is there somewhere a community / forum like facepunch for Garry's mod where you share your NSFW screenshots and comics ?


Thank you for the help !! 

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