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Walking is Sneaking

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Hey folks!


Is there a mod that makes walking a sneak? I couldn't find one. I'm playing a sneaky char and kinda tired of looking at her crouching. There is a couple of beautiful walk animations out there (TyperTM' and mcg' ones) and the hip swing is so good and I'd love to see that more. So, could, please, anyone make one? Essentially, the idea is when your char is walking, it puts them into the sneak mode (without crouching), with those "hidden", "caution", etc. widgets. Maybe, walk sneak could come with a configurable penalty to character's sneak ability (like, 50% by default)? That would be fair, I guess. IRL we don't necessarily crouch when we sneak, right? Or maybe it's actually out there and I missed it? If that's the case could you give me a link?



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Encon4, that'd be actually quite nice to have, too. I think, though, of all the modding communities on the internet, people here would want all that. And considering the fact that no one has actually made this a thing, it's likely impossible to. Though I'm still hoping someone is looking into it.

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