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Crash on save new game and cocqasmoke


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so I have one little error in my papyrus log of 1kb: "Error: Property Harkon on script usleepretroactive300script attached to USLEEPRetroactive300 (0500F459) cannot be bound because  (02003BA8) is not the right type" tried reinstalling uslep and running my load order through loot again and it didn't fix it. dunno what to do now

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something else to check is you load order for the vanilla files, reason is lately i have been seeing a fair amount of load orders posted (where they 

said they used LOOT) that is having those in the wrong order.

if you did not already know it should be:







from the text you posted it looks like something has Dawnguard out of place.


hope this is helpful



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