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Sexy Idle Animations Issue

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I have everything installed and working, CBBE, XP32E, HDT, HDT Bounce and Jiggles, FNIS, BodySlide, RaceMenu, etc. and of coruse Sexy Idle Animations, so the problem is that when the character's hands touch the breasts, the y should move,  right? Well, they don't,  the hands don't move them at all, but when I walk, jump, run, etc. The physics work. Any help?

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Do you have larger than normal bazongas or are they huge ass tiggo bitties?? 

All HDT collision mods I've seen are for your average, safe, non-offensive, SJW feminazi vegan soy boy approved, Nexus mods suitable, Tumblr-worthy, Huffington Post-sanctioned, Buzzfeed-authorized, Kathleen Kennedy endorsed, Anita Sarkeesian accepted, Hilary Clinton I'm-with-her, perky Keira Knightley-sized jugg knockers.


TLDR:  You may have to adjust the size for HDT collision if your mammary glands are wonderfully sized.  Consult the mod's webpage for more info and directions how to do this.  I need to do this also but keep putting it off.

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