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how to properly save a game?


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Hi, I've been wondering, whats the best way to save your game? I know that quicksave is a no go, but what I do is saving the game on a new slot everytime, so after a few days, I have to delete the oldest ones, because my save folder takes a lot of space. Is it safe to overwrite the existing save slot or should I stick with creating a new slot everytime?


Thanks in advance

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If you do not want to go through a tool to save your game sessions, here is a fairly simple method recommended by STEP that you can practice to avoid problems of backup corruption:



Saving and Reloading Games

As a best practice I disable all autosaving. Don't use quicksave, only save indoors, always use the console to save creating a unique human readable name, and I use bash to keep track of my saves and particularly what mods each save is dependent on.

When reloading a savegame, exit the game completely first to clear out any trash in memory and allow the savegame to initialize properly.

It is best not to rely on autosaves or quicksaves because overwriting a save can result in corruption or more commonly loss of a useful save. In game settings disable all save on options (rest, wait, travel, menu). This also speeds up transition times between areas and prevents many CTDs. It also requires you to manually save at appropriate times. Use the console command save <savename> to name your saves as you like. If the name contains spaces it must be enclosed in double-quotes; i.e., save "My Skyrim Save". Make sure this is a unique name because you will not be prompted to overwrite.


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