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RPG Maker Erotic Game


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Hey Forum, I found some Erotic Games for the RPG Maker MV and I ask me: How is made this 3D Models (pic 1&2) and the background? (pic2)

I want to create a Game like this, but I have no Idea how I can create 3D Models/background with some animation (like cry, laugh or to lie in bed) for RPG Maker? I dont need Animation Videos, it enough if they are as a pictures only.


I know my english is not good, but I hope you undertand me. Thank you.





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Not sure, but likely they are using daz3d.com genesis or victoria 3d models.

Is free to download and you can do testing and learning with the 3d samples models. (Before buying anything in the daz3d store lookup for free 3d models compatible with daz3d)


Pose the models in daz3d studio and render the "3D" models to a 2d image in a common format like jpeg or png. Depending on your hardware the render takes time, the nvidia lray is included and obviously is faster with nvidia GPU. Other rendering options are available.


Edit the 2D image of the 3d render in a image editor like GIMP or Photoshop to adapt to RPG maker and the storyboards.

For more specific help you can register and review daz3d.com forums. The galleries will give you ideas of what possible.

You can download and install manually but is better to use daz3d download manager: http://www.daz3d.com/get_install_manager/


Hope that helps.



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Hey and Thank you. I have so much try but the liberty folder stay empty and it doent show a Model.

I have try MakeHuman but to little bit Female Hair and Clothes. I think, there is no other alternative? If not, then I must give up. Nevertheless, thank you Guys.

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Try the tutorials: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YNfOxEDzfOk&list=PLF3LSR7D48MfrVf5aBHaMN1Dh-eKvu9_L

and the Documentation in the menu-help.


If you registered an account:

1) Go to CONNECT.

2) If LOGIN is select-able you are OFFLINE.  Go ONLINE by selecting LOGIN.

3) Type in your account info (EMAIL and PASSWORD) for DAZ3D. If you do not have a DAZ3D account create one using the "create new account" link.

4) After you LOGIN IN, the Starter bundle should be available.  The new GENESIS 8 models are compatible with all legacy cloths and accessories. (may need a little tuning for some)


Try the Interactive tutorial.   Click HOME button and select INTERACTIVE TUTORIAL from menu. Follow instructions and animated arrows.






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It show Models now, but its to hard for me to create some things, bcause It make not the things what I want.
I cant change hair color or choose and sometimes are the Hair beside the Head. lol

And the content cost money. I watch for another Programms/Alternative that not to hard is. I find, the Program MakeHuman is easier as Daz3D.

Thanks Safado.

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