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  1. Adding SLIF to beeingfemale? Do not know if it good but try this patch. You better do a Beeigfemale mod save purge using FallRim Resaver from Nexus or a clean save to reuse a save or it will break. A new game if you are unable to clean it. Remove old patches and only use this. Also, you can try another pregnancy mod thats good enough. Fertility Mode v3 Fixes and Tweaks at Skyrim Special Edition Nexus - Mods and Community (nexusmods.com) Adds SLIF and other features to Fertility Mode v3. You must install FMv3 in BSA and no patches before overwriting with this expansion.
  2. Check this site, use their basic search with "android" or advanced search with tag "mobile game" and some other interest tag. Good luck, enjoy. https://f95zone.to/ This one is a remake of chapter 1 of a semi-linear novel. Lot of content and chapter 2(sequel is still wip) . First is URL to post with mega link for compressed Android file. https://f95zone.to/threads/anna-exciting-affection-chapter-1-unofficial-renpy-remake-v2-0-osmcuser132.8482/page-63#post-2901943 Genre: 3DCG, Anal Sex, Animated, Blackmail, Cheating, Corruption, Female Protagonist, Group Sex, Handjob,Interracial, Oral Sex, Vaginal Sex, Voyeurism, Lesbian, Footjob, DP https://f95zone.to/threads/anna-exciting-affection-chapter-1-unofficial-renpy-remake-v2-0-osmcuser132.8482/
  3. SLIF do not need conversion. Only maybe ESP form 44. Adding ESL flag may hide it from some mods better not add it.
  4. By " and Net Override Comp" you mean the Patch for FHU? If yes, remove it is for original FHU not FHU-BAKA. Also review your FHU-BAKA MCM options. Test with "Inflation Enabled" and "Female Inflation" Turn On but "Body Morph" turn off to use NIO nodes. Change "Cum Amount Multiplier" to 3 during testing. If works then test with "Body Morph" On.
  5. If you are using Sexlab Inflation Framework (SLIF) do not use the FillHerUp SLIF patch. Fill Her Up Baka Edition has S.L.I.F. and NetImmerse Override Compatibility (NI.O.) integrated and will break with original FillHerUP 1.x or 2.x old patches.
  6. That means you are too Noob and do not have enough knowledge to understand the requirements needed to complete the compilation of a Unity/Rimworld assembly "Component". Try to learn crawling before walking. Do basic tutorial first. https://www.rimworldwiki.com/wiki/Modding_Tutorials You also need to learn how to add reference libraries to Visual Studio projects and which libraries for Rimworld and Rimworld 3rd party programmer tools. GoogleFu your way to knowledge. note: Some libraries already provided in the mod archives.
  7. If you are using SkyrimSE with Sexlab Framework 1.63 Beta9 and PapyrusSE 3.9, maybe you broke PapyrusUtil SE if you are overwriting sexlab with it. Sexlab 1.63Beta9 has the latest version of PapyrusUtil included no need for any other. Both mods developed by the same team. Do not install PapyrusUtilSE 3.9 or let another mod overwrite "SKSE\Plugins\PapyrusUtil.dll" in Sexlab1.63B9. If you are using Skyrim LE, I do not know what wrong. Sorry note: Sexlab1.63 beta8 has older than PapyrusSE 3.9 and needs it.
  8. Because i have not done the party in a while, I try to track the code for the party. It does not have a standard quest setup. 😕 Instead it runs scripts "fragments" in the dialogue chain. Eventually it gets to the dialogue that has the script tracking completion, the guest line "Hm. Tell me, what can you offer?". Every time that line is display it run a script that check the value of global property "pchsTaskParty" is 20 or higher. At the start of serving guest the value of "pchsTaskParty" should be already 4 (getting the mead and returning give 4 completed request) and you need to add 16 or more. Every dialogue line that is a request will add 1 to "pchsTaskParty" if completed with or without satisfactory resolution. Some request like giving mead or snacks can be ignored and the party will never end. Others has branching and can give negative satisfaction but still count as request completed. Eventually when the goal (20+) is reached the next guest dialogue with the line "Hm. Tell me, what can you offer?" will end the task with a fade out. I did not saw a timestamp as part of the script, but one is part of the chance trigger to start the dialogue from father starting the Party task again, a cooldown timer.
  9. I think the goal is to try 20 times or more complete the request from the guests. You choose what to "satify" as requested or ignore, is role play. Stuff for "father" or other tasks do not count. The total guest satisfaction value only counts at the end for father "favors" at a fixed rate. Total satisfaction: (sat) >= 20 gives 10 favor , 1 depravity, 1 Sub ; (sat) >= 15 < 20 gives 5 favor , 1 depravity, 0 Sub ; (sat) >10 < 15 gives -5 favor , -1 depravity, 0 Sub (sat) <= 10 gives -10 favor , -1 depravity, -1 Sub Originally it has a logic issue that the party do not account for time duration, so it never expires until successful tries count reached. Ignoring request will not count for goal, but let you control depravity/submission values. Depravity/submission values generally are used for trigger threshold to more humiliating tasks, but not always. Do not know if it has changed. Do not think so. Have not experienced the party again by chance, many more options now.
  10. Latest Character Editor will let you add/edit pawns before launch and during game (you must choose to open it is not offered automatically). While adding the RJW hediff you must place them in proper slot Chest for breast, genitals for vag/dick/ovi, anus you know what to do. Severity of hediff during placement is supposed to assign the size, but there's is a "quirk" where the severity will reset to 0 during game (changes to micro or relative). Found out that after assigning all the RJW hediff is better to set size of bodyparts in Character Editor using RJW size set(CE). Select the RJW size you want from hediff list and place in breast, genitals, or anus and the size is reset to proper values and have not seen it quirk reset back yet. Likely an issue with Character Editor that Ed86 solved with the workaround "size set" hediff. There likely other issues with CE that I have not experienced yet. Noticed that others have rare issues, but I does not. Consult Character Editor description and author info to learn to use it, it not that hard to learn by trying it.
  11. You can use Fallrim Resaver to purge YPS from a good save and force instanced and cached scripts to refresh. You have to setup the mod again and save/reload to enable soft dependency to interface properly. Make sure the save is in a cell with no YPS NPC present. If that does not work, then try the new game route. Also, make sure you have: SL Survival 0.673 BETA (05-Sep-2021) Wartimes 8.2
  12. As I read your post a sickening compulsion fell upon me to call 911. Jokes aside, do not forget simply knock and its patch.
  13. Maybe create a save after disabling SL Survival's options for Needs\belly and Need\Sleep to be less risky breaking the integration before yanking out iNeed. I think, you should not need to also remove SL Survival. You just have less integration features.
  14. CBP let you tune it with the text files CBPCSystem and any other CBPConfig for specifics in "Skyrim Special Edition\Data\SKSE\Plugins". In CBPCSystem, reduce the value of ActorDistance(start with 100) and optionally test tune with the UseParallelProcessing and SkipFrames options. If you have HDT-SMP combined with CBP then you specify in the config file for SMP and CBP what runs in one or the other not both, like example: breast run by smp but anything else is CBP. The CBBE 3BBB Body Amazing (3BAv2) has an installer that let you pre-setup both and includes a hotkey feature to switch between CBP and SMP in game. I think is genius work. SMP also has a config file that has "save" default values. Is in "Skyrim SE\Data\SKSE\Plugins\hdtSkinnedMeshConfigs". Sadly, the OpenCL is not implemented because the physic simulation solver "Bullet" library used is currently a CPU solver.
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